Writing your online dating profile? Take a look at these tips.

Writing your online dating profile? Take a look at these tips.

Be Honest. Always. Don’t lie about your height, age or weight: you’ll be found out soon enough. Don’t pretend to have a better job than you do, or that you’re more prepared for long-term commitment than you currently are. You don’t need to share all your dirty little secrets in your profile, but don’t create an awkward situation for yourself if it does lead to something.

How are you?’ is not a conversation starter. Try picking something you found interesting from my profile and asking me specifically about that.

Choose action shots: Wouldn’t you know, profile photos that demonstrate you playing your guitar or downhill skiing – even if your face isn’t showing – get more messages.

Get Over yourself. Don’t demand that your future partner love, worship, and adore you. Don’t list the qualities you believe you want. Instead, focus on what you have to offer. If you provide a list of dating rules or expectations, you wont be very popular.

Don’t do text speak. Just don’t. KK?

Never go into stalk mode. Sometimes guys just don’t take the hint. If we have chatted and nothing came of it, then a few weeks later you message again and we exchange a message or two. Lets not waste anymore time. “NEXT!”

Please ask about me. If you are not interested in what I have to say via messages, then I’m not likely to meet you in person for a meeting about how fantastic you are.

Never use your profile to write about the ex. Or about sex. Keep in mind the rules of first-date conversation and apply them to how you introduce yourself to strangers online, too.

Stay positive: Avoid negative tones and always be positive about yourself. Your profile is essentially your dating CV. You wouldn’t want a future employer to read anything negative, so why would you want a potential partner to read anything that isn’t positive?

Guys,If there is a female in your picture, you don’t look available or you look like a player. Guys, please stop using pictures of you and just one other woman. Oh, she’s your friend? Okay, yeah, whatever.

Don’t be pushy.  If you send someone a message and they reply to you with a “thanks, but no thanks” or they don’t bother replying at all, don’t try to convince them that you are the right person for them. They may change their mind on their own accord, but sending messages to them will make you seem scary.

Fill in every bit of your profile. Try to fill in as much information about yourself as possible, without writing an essay. Think about what your likes and dislikes are and what is important to you. Otherwise, how else will you become my future hubby?.

Don’t be weird, rude or sleazy. Enough said.

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Head Banging? Mouth drier than Ghandi’s flip-flops? Lets Hide That Hangover!

Head Banging? Mouth drier than Ghandi’s flip-flops? Lets Hide That Hangover!

Head Banging? Stomach Churning? Mouth drier than Ghandi’s flip-flops? and to add insult to injury, you have somewhere important to be don’t you?

Well fear not my friends! I have found some tips to help hide that hangover! 


1. Get Rid of Eye Puffiness.

Puffy eyes are usually the most common problem for people while battling a hangover. They should also be top priority when you wake up first thing in the morning. The creams offer brown algae and caffeine ingredients to get rid of the swollen appearance. Spoons, cold tea bags and cucumber slices will also help to get rid of this look. Do not put ice directly onto skin because extreme coldness can result in the skin being red.

2. Make sure to use the right concealer.

Even if you moisturise correctly you need an adequate primer which is very effective in covering up a hangover. Use one that has light diffusing particles that will provide you with a healthy glow but will also offer a light texture. It is the best to pick one that was created especially for the area that is under your eyes. Do not choose a strong one that is used to simply cake over blemishes.

3. Eye makeup makes a huge difference.

Eyelash curlers will help you to be awake but before reaching for black mascara consider something else. The most flattering eyes shadows are the nudes, browns and beiges. Even a nude eyeliner will help – although, you should not use anything white that could make your eyes look worse. Finish off the eye makeup with brown or navy blue mascara which will hide the hangover and make the look very natural.

4. Cheeks are important!

Wearing blush on your cheeks will give them a very gentle glow. You can try to mix up a small amount of illuminating power along with primer. Putting on the blush before you apply the foundation is an easy way to get a look that is more natural. If you opt out to use a tinted moisturizer then you can hide some paleness that may result from a hangover.

5. Stress the lips.

If you use a special moisturising lipstick it is the best way to go. It is not a good thing to use dark colors for both your eyes and your lips. Stay away from any vivid colors – choose one that doesn’t pop too much and then use a glossy finish in order to enhance your ‘glow.’

All of these things will help to get rid of a hangover, or at least eliminate the look of one. Drinking a lot of water will also help to get rid of the bodily dehydration. Alcohol de-hydrates the body and that can result in bigger eye bags or a puffy appearance. Taking a hot shower may also help to open up your pores and get the alcohol out.

In future why not be prepared and read Hello Morning After! Hangover Cures From The Experts!

Pimping Your Online Dating Profile? Examples Of What To & What Not To Write In Your Profile.

Pimping Your Online Dating Profile? Examples Of What To & What Not To Write In Your Profile.

First of all take a look at a recent post I wrote How to Write The Perfect Profile And Things You Need To Know 

For those of you that are totally clueless, I have done some snooping and found some examples of the good, the bad and the avoid like the plague.

p.s I know some of these have lots of spelling mistakes, but they are as I found them!

good bad

The Bad:

Header: no time for time wasters..

i have facebook if ur interested in talking. i wont talk to people who r up there own a***s.. so seriously dont msg me if u love urself
* alot of people dont like abreviations.. i do it, get over it, not cos im lazy i just find it easier with a busy life like mine
looking to find some 1 who i can trust..
cant b botherd to write any thing else at the minute

The Basic:

My name is Mark I’m 32 years of age 6ft 8 in height, so very tall lol. My hobbies include Walking, Travelling, Listening to Music, Socialising. Looking for friendship maybe more

Please get in touch if you would like to know anything else.

The Honest:

I am an easy going sort of lad who does not take himself seriously, can be quiet but once you get to know me I never shut up lol. thoughtful, respectful reliable, and honesty are a few of my good points people would say.
I work as a chef been in the trade for fifteen years, so cooking would be another good point of mine. Outside the kitchen I like to a with friends and family, in between that I go to the gym also a keen runner or anything that gets me a sweat on.
Football is a big passion avid Newcastle United supporter.
The music that fuels my life is dance and indie don’t mind a bit of chart stuff to depending what it is. I like to think of myself as unique because hey arent we all and thats what makes this life worth living.

Anything else you want to know just drop me a message and we will take it from there.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Weird &  Witty:

I have never owned a goat. I have absolutely no interest in them. Quite frankly they bore me.

“Nice n’ Spicy” Nik Naks are my third favourite crisps.

My Favourite books include ‘A History Of Goats’ by Penn & Teller (so fascinating), ‘Cooking with Gypsies’ by Keith Floyd & the entire Callum Best mystery series.

My Favourite Movies include ‘Withnail and Me’, ‘Jurrasic Island’ & ‘Jeremy Guire’. (I’ve seen them so many times! I know them word for word!) Another guilty pleasure of mine is ‘Robocock Vs The Cyber Sluts’ (I cry every time!)

The music I like tends to be really underground and alternative. I like bands you probably haven’t even heard of yet. Let us say no more about it. I am cooler than you.

I don’t actually like food. I sustain myself by digesting a mixture of flour, water and grass. I sometimes put a glacé cherry on top but it’s purely ornamental and I eat round it and pop it back in the jar afterwards.

I spend a disproportionate amount of my time thinking about the video for ‘Put Yourself In My Place’ by Kylie Minogue. Specifically the fact that while floating in the spacecraft the left sleeve of her spacesuit is removed twice. I find it quite upsetting. I’m also massively addicted to drugs so I tend to think about ‘scoring’ my next ‘hit’ of delicious, delicious drugs.

My hobbies include drinking****ails and making websites censor perfectly acceptable words

The Boring

Headline: I have nothing to say.

Hi I’m dana I’m young and smart love fun and enjoying my life.

The Straight Talking

About me, oh no this is the worst bit!? Well my friends in a recent poll said that I am relaxed and easy-going, I know how to make them smile and cheer them up which must be a good thing….I am also loyal, honest and gregarious.

In my spare time I enjoy looking after myself, going to the gym, cycling, spending time with my friends and family and of course a few beers at the weekend!

I enjoy life as you never know what is around the corner, I love doing random things including weekends away exploring and visiting new places, and of course we all have a good holiday in the sun in our repertoire of enjoyment! I enjoy going to see live music, seeing a good comedian, cinema, watching Newcastle United and eating out to name a few.

I have been single for a few years now, not because I am a weirdo but I do not seem to have found that amazing girl who just makes life fall into place, I would like to settle down with the right person, are you out there? I would however rather stay as a happy singleton than part of an unhapppy couple.

I am not interested in crazy women who want to get married tomorrow, Rome was not built in a day! I have a good job (I am a driller, think Armageddon not DIY SOS!). I have got a full head of hair, my own teeth, and my own car.

The rest is for you to find out of course so if you sound of similar mind and enjoy some of the things that I do why not get in touch?

The one with the bad attitude

Back on here after meeting someone and thinking we were going to be in a relationship and she turned out to be the same as all the other timewasting  women out there. if there is actually anyone decent send me a message. cant be arsed filling this in again. might do it later. If your  a heffer or a nutjob don’t bother as I wont reply.

*update: Im coming off this crap soon as its getting me nowhere.

The leading free online dating site http://www.pof.com suggests that, If you want to be successful , try talking about these things:

1. Talk about your hobbies.
2. Talk about your goals and aspirations
3. Talk about yourself and what makes you unique.
4. Describe your taste in music.

They also offer these words of wisdom..

For your own safety, do not include your name, phone number or address.

People will read both your profile AND message when deciding if they should write back to you. If your profile is really lame it won’t matter how good your message is.

So now we have established the guidelines on what to & what not to write, I have put together a n example of how my profile would go..

I can get on with pretty much anyone, I’m not obsessed with myself, I wear my PJ’s all day after a night out and I couldn’t live off salads 😐

I love spending time with my family & friends, travelling, being spontaneous,  I enjoy good food, good company and  good music to have a dance to. (a night raving on the Biggmarket and a pasty from the 24hr Greggs afterwards is not for me I’m afraid, though I can’t say I haven’t tried it!)

If I don’t like you I’ll be polite and pleasant, If I do like you I will be sarcastic and tease you relentlessly… I think I have somehow gotten this backwards.

Don’t Forget to take a look at How to write the perfect online dating profile & things you need to know for lots of hints and tips to write the perfect profile and get you back out there!

Happy Fishing! 


Flattering Sex Positions And Tips For Fat Days! (We All Have Them)

Flattering Sex Positions And Tips For Fat Days! (We All Have Them)

Fat Days, unfortunately we all have them whether we’re a size 6 or 26!, but just because you’re  bloated or feeling self-conscious or you haven’t attended the gym enough this week,  doesn’t mean there has to be a no-sex rule!

There’s nothing that’s more of a mood-killer than being paranoid and struggling around trying to cover up your stomach or bickering about not having the lights on.

The first step to great sex is embracing your body and making use of it. If your partner is in bed with you, his main concern is going to be having sex with the beautiful woman in front of him!!

Here are a few positions to help you to fight the flab and feel great, leaving you to focus on having fun and not worrying about what you look like.


Missionary: Gravity is your friend in this case! Your stomach will automatically look flatter.

Tip:Make yourself look sexier by stretching your arms up over your head and grabbing onto the bedpost or by placing them flat on the wall behind the bed. It will make your stomach look flatter and your boobs perkier!

What is he seeing: He cannot even see your stomach if he is on top of you stomach-stomach and only a glimpse if he is kneeling a bit! He will get a good glimpse of your breasts, but will most likely be  looking into your eyes which makes for a very intimate time!

spooningDoggy Style: Rear entry positions are the most flattering, especially if your stomach is your least favourite part of yourself.

Tip: Arch your back a little and push your bum high in his direction, giving you a sexy feminine curve which he will find tantalizingly attractive! 

What he is seeing: He will only be able to see your bum, your thighs and your back. You could place  his hands on your hips to hold you steady while he thrusts, and you’ve also solved the wandering hands problem.

doggy style

Spooning: Spooning is among the best  positions to hide your stomach, your boobs and the front of your body

Tip: Lift your bum to allow him to penetrate, and tighten your thighs for maximum friction while his hands reach around to stimulate your clitoris. 

What he is seeing: The front of your body is hidden, so he will only be able to see you from behind, and since his front will be to your back that wont be much! Make plenty of satisfied moans and groans and perhaps stick on a porn DVD to give you something to look at and create maximum arousal.

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Mothers Day Idea From The Heart That Will Blow Her Away And Not Cost A Penny

Mothers Day Idea From The Heart That Will Blow Her Away And Not Cost A Penny

Take your mother (Mam, Mum, Mom) on a trip down memory lane by creating a personalized photo and video slide show. It’s easy to do and will be a huge hit with the entire family.

Here’s a few tips and ideas for your Mothers Day Movie

  • Search and gather old photos and video clips to include in your mothers day slide show. Dig up old photos from the past, holiday photos or anything you find that would make a great addition to your slide show, you can also add your favourite  photos from social networking sites such as Facebook. Why not search online for pictures of shows you used to watch together or places you visited as a child for that extra special touch.
  • Import your photos & videos into slide show software to create your show. You’ll want to choose a slide show tool that’s easy to use and gives you the flexibility to output to multiple formats. Windows Movie Maker is programmed into my computer so I have made one from that, but for extra jazz SmileBox is an excellent tool (and my personal fave) for creating slide shows for any occasion! I have used it many times and it is free with the option to upgrade for extra feature.
  • You can add descriptions or captions to each photo or write something on it. It’ll make mothers recall those happy days!

    Happiness is the best gift

  • If you want to get extra clever, you could narrate it and use your own voice to talk through the movie, or add a special poem or perhaps your babies cute little giggle (I have done this before using Movie Maker and it worked a treat!)
  • Most slideshow/movie  makers have pre installed templates that are ready to just add your images & videos too, you can customise the text too to personalise. take a look at the animated templates that are free to use with smilebox… http://www.smilebox.com/mothers-day-slideshows.html

    Also here are a few details from their site…

Smilebox is a  simple application for PC or Mac lets you quickly and easily create slideshowsinvitationsgreetingscollagesscrapbooksand photo albums right on your computer. With more than 1000 customizable templates to choose from, you’ll find inspiration around every corner. With their new  iPhone app you can share your moments on the go as well.

And Smilebox gives you more ways to share: Facebook, email, blog, printing at home or to a store, and burning to DVD. Smilebox makes sharing photos with your family and friends easy, unique and memorable.

  • Create your slideshow. With most Slide show making apps you can quickly get started by using the built-in wizards. Just click-through the steps to add your photos and any video clips you have, import a soundtrack, add effects and you’re done! Go back and add fun title slides or captions to any photo!

Decide how you’d like to output your slide show. DVD for playing back in the living room, Email for playing back on a laptop or to project during a dinner or event, you may even want to output to YouTube or Facebook so friends and family from far away can enjoy the slide show you’ve put together for Father’s Day.

Never under-estimate the power of a Mothers Day slide show. You’ve created a special keepsake and touching tribute that everyone will love watching. Photos from the past are always fun to look back at. With the addition of a touching favourite song of hers, you’ve got a recipe for success! (just don’t forget to bring the box of tissues – there won’t be a dry eye in the room!)


Packing & Travelling With Kids..The Ultimate Guide….Are We There Yet?

Packing & Travelling With Kids..The Ultimate Guide….Are We There Yet?

When enduring a long journey with kids we tend to get a little stressed (Or I do anyway!)  so I have searched the web and put together a few of ideas on how to make the journey as pleasant as possible, and keep the  ‘Are We There Yet?’ questions to a minimum!

When holidaying with the kids, it’s essential to pack as lightly as possible. This way you’ll have spare hands to carry the suitcases, push the buggy and hold you’re little ones hand all at the same time!

Take clothing that is easy to wash and doesn’t get too creased. If you’re going somewhere with washing facilities, that’s great – you can keep your packing to a minimum. If not, it’s always worth taking some handwash with you just in case!

As any seasoned traveller with kids will tell you it’s also vital to make sure you pack various bits and bobs to entertain the children while on the road or in the air.

travel 2

When your flight’s been delayed or you’re stuck on the motorway you’ll be grateful you remembered some of  the following:

  • Paper pads and crayons
  • Mp3 Player
  • Books (including puzzle books)
  • Small toys
  • Electronic interactive gamesannoying for the adults but keeps children entertained for ages.
  • Travel games – Connect 4, draughts, Mastermind, etc.
  • Play dough – great on train journey

There are a couple other  cool ideas you could do to keep your kiddies entertained throughout.

  • Give them a Camera- (a child friendly one) this will give them time to take in their surroundings leaving you to do the same.
  • Be App-y – Thanks to toddler-friendly apps, there’s no need to cram the whole toy box into your hand luggage when travelling by plane
  • Encourage them to keep a travel journal- For the older children

For very long haul trips it’s a good idea to buy a few cheap ‘pocket money’ toys from the local toyshop before you leave. Wrap them up and pop them into your hold luggage so you can introduce a new ‘present’ for your child to open at intervals during the flight – hopefully the novelty of something to open and a new toy to play with will keep them entertained for a good portion of your flight!

And remember: there is no wrath quite like that of a child whose parent has forgotten their favourite soft toy! If your child has a special toy they really like to have with them at night be sure to pack it – it will help them settle to sleep on long flights and comfort them in unfamiliar hotel beds. Some children also like to have familiar smells around them so you could pack a couple of pillowcases from home to use in the hotel, too.

Try these Games on the road:

I Spy: The classic.

Guess the Animal: Someone thinks of an animal, others ask questions about that animal – can it fly? is it wild? To which the person can only answer yes or no. Or the person describes the animal and everyone else has to guess what it is.

Spotter’s Badge: Everybody has to look out for a certain list of objects. The most common ones (blue signs on a motorway, silver cars) get 2 points, then the more infrequent (caravans, pylons) get 5 points etc..

The Alphabet Game: Think of an easy category (like names, or places or animals) and then find a word for every letter of the alphabet. For example, if it was names, the first person might say Anna, the second Bill, and so on.

Word Association: Be as free as you like. The first person says apple, second person says banana, third person says monkey, etc. You can also play a version where you have to try to work back to the first word.

Just A Minute: Just like the Radio 4 quiz game. Talk for one minute with no hesitation, deviation or repetition. Children are surprisingly good at this.

Sausages: One person has to answer people’s questions answering only with the word ‘sausages’. Everyone has to think of the silliest questions they can ask to try to make that person laugh or smile when they say it. If they do, they are no longer it, and the person who asked the question takes over.

The Pub Game: look for pub signs and see how long it takes you to collect 5 heads, 10 arms and 20 legs. To do this, you simply count the number of legs and arms depicted on the pub sign, or in the name: ie, the Queen’s Head; the Phoenix and Falcon (4 legs) etc.

The Number Plate Game: look at the nearest number plate for the first group of three letters. The first letter is the initial of the person’s name; the second is where they come from, and the third is the job they do..

The No ‘yeses’ or ‘nos’ Game: You ask one person questions to which they can answer anything except yes or no. If they say yes or no they are out and it’s someone else’s turn. (What’s your name? Anna. Are you sure?)


travel 1

Travelling with kids doesn’t need to be too stressful, here are some more useful tips:

  • For going absolutely anywhere, even on a short trip, you could keep a small bag (not a big changing bag) with essential bits at all times: a calpol sachet, a couple of wipes, a nappy, some kitchen towel, savlon, plasters and a plastic bag. If going by car, it can easily be left in your boot if not needed.
  • When you’re going on holiday, encourage your children to find out about where you’re going. Let everyone choose one activity or visit on the holiday.
  • Hang on to bits and pieces from the holiday as keepsakes: tickets, brochures, a couple of postcards etc. Might be good for your children to make something out of when they get home or Show & Tell at school or nursery.
  • If you’re going on holiday with another family, make sure you discuss the basics before you go – for example what everyone wants to do, whether you’ll all stick together each day or whether you’ll spend time doing things apart, what you’ll do for meals etc. You don’t want to fall out over a misunderstanding that could have been discussed beforehand.
  • For young children, even if they are generally good walkers, it’s often a good idea to still take a buggy.  It’s always useful for carrying your bags and is good if they need a rest or get tired in a restaurant.
  • If flying, check the latest restrictions on hand luggage before travelling. Regulations on carrying liquids etc can include baby foods, drinks and made up formula.
  • If going somewhere hot on holiday, make sure you children have enough drinks throughout the day. Children are particularly prone to dehydration and they often can’t tell if they are thirsty. If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you should also make sure you’re well hydrated.


New Year, New You?…

New Year, New You?…

Attempting to keep fit, happy and healthy amidst the hum-drum of daily life can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’re a parent, but in reality, it’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our families.

If you need a little boost in the right direction, here’s some tips  to help  put a spring in your step over the coming year.

Exercise doesn’t have to be painful!

A couple cyclingDon’t make the mistake of thinking exercise has to be full-throttle and that to make a difference you have to be pounding the treadmill till you hurt all over. Be honest with yourself – if you really hate going to the gym, don’t take out costly membership again this year – find an alternative. Remember you should aim to fit in just 30 minutes a day of some kind of physical activity – this can even include doing the housework!

Find out about a range of exercise classes in your area – how about trying Zumba, Pilates or Yoga, for example. Or you could look at ways to make exercise more integral to the whole family’s lifestyle, by taking up walking or cycling.

Do something different – just for you

female choir

If you’re guilty of using any spare time you have to do housework, shopping or other tasks, make this year the year your resolve to set aside some time each week just for you. Ideally, remove yourself from distractions at home and ensure other family members know that this time out is non-negotiable. Why not use this time to try something new? Learning a new skill or rediscovering your love for something is good for the soul,and can boost self-esteem. Singing, for example, carries a whole raft of health benefits, keeping your heart healthy, reducing stress and increasing alertness.

Or you could lose yourself in something creative – jewellery making, flower arranging, cake decorating or drawing, for example, a great way to discover your hidden talents.

Friends are important

dating tips

Seeing each other for coffee or chatting on the phone is not a luxury – studies have proven that having a close circle of friends is good for your health. But the hectic pace of modern life, and the fact that many of us move around the country more frequently means it can be hard to stay in touch. Try and make time for that phone call or email, just to keep in touch and say ‘hi’.

Perhaps you and your girlfriends can set aside one day in the year for a girly get-together – try and arrange this in good time so everyone can make the necessary arrangements. You could hit a spa together, or meet up at a smart hotel or restaurant for a leisurely afternoon tea!

Give your wardrobe a work-out..

sales shopping

Capitalise on the January sales by doing a wardrobe audit and filling the gaps with some well-considered, bargain purchases. Sale shopping can be fashion minefield, so before you hit the shops have a long hard think about what you really need to update your wardrobe.

Well-cut, shape-flattering clothes have tranformative powers so start the year in style – find tips to help you make good purchases, whether you need to start from the foundations with some new bras, or you’re not sure how to dress for your body shape.

..And update your make-up and hair


Like figure-flattering clothes, well-chosen make-up and a good hair-cut can make a huge difference, and don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Many of us shy away from changing our look, but just a subtle revamp – say, cutting a wispy fringe into your hair, or swapping poker-straight locks for gently tousled – can ‘re-energise’ your look. You can get both salon-style and real-life hair inspiration in my easy everyday hairstyle anyone can achieve, or  browse  through my hairstyle category for styles and get ideas before you hit the salon.

We also have fab beauty tips & posts packed with expert tips and advice to help you achieve a polished look – and you don’t have to have endless amounts of time or technical know-how to do so. If personal grooming is a luxury you’re not sure you can afford, be sure to sign up to your local Groupon for fantastic beauty offers from salons near you!

Give running a go

women running

The pros: it’s free, it’s convenient, and you get some fresh air while getting a fantastic workout.

The cons: for running ‘virgins’ this activity can seem a bit scary and many people worry they won’t be able to do it. The key to running is to build up slowly

Alternatively there may be a Ladies running club in your area, a good way to keep your motivation going and to meet other amateur runners – check your local listings to see what’s available.

Don’t let life pass you by

happy woman

Easier said than done, we know, but try and avoid getting into a rut, which can be demoralising and sap your energy.  Procrastination is something we’re all guilty of, but grab the bull by the horns when you can – book that bargain weekend away with the kids, do something spontaneous from time to time, change your daily routine (even if it’s just walking home from school a different way), take up that offer of babysitting so you and your partner can go to the cinema and watch that film you’ve been dying to see, spice up your love life with your partner and try out these 100 sex positions or The Frisky Girls to do list.

Sometimes it’s good to ‘feel the fear’ and do something that you’d normally say no to – attending a job interview, putting yourself forward as class rep or hitting the rollercoasters at Alton Towers!  You’ll rarely regret these life experiences.

Single?? …Have a go at the Single Girls To Do List