On The Borderline/ Mental Health

Pregnancy and BPD. It’s Not All Shits And Giggles (Prenatal Psychosis)

Last year I went through lots of tests and procedures in hospital, myself and my partner were then referred to a fertility clinic because I was told I had problems with my Fallopian tubes, because they were badly damaged and I had some other problems that were causing me a lot of pain. At one… Continue reading Pregnancy and BPD. It’s Not All Shits And Giggles (Prenatal Psychosis)

On The Borderline/ Mental Health

Oh Joy! Answers.

This image pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. I've been lost for a few weeks, in a cycle of episodes, up, down, around, hyper, confused, anxious, excited, It's been a real Borderline Roller Coaster but I knew that soon enough I would have an epiphany. This happens now and again after I… Continue reading Oh Joy! Answers.

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Today, I’m surviving.

I havent wrote for a while, but I feel like I need to get this out as part of me moving on from this episode. I have had an awful week, it just isn't getting any better. there is so much going on around me, really stressful things in my life. Money, friends, career, family… Continue reading Today, I’m surviving.