Home Organisation

Keeping Your Bathroom Organised

Declutter The first step toward achieving an organized bathroom is to remove the clutter. This includes checking the medicine cabinet, linen closet, vanity cabinet and drawers and any other storage spaces you have in your bathroom. Here is what you need to do: Remove any items that do not belong in your bathroom. Put these… Continue reading Keeping Your Bathroom Organised

Home Organisation

Keeping the Kitchen Organised and Clean

Why should you take the time to learn how to organize your kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where people tend to gather during parties, it is where you prepare meals for your family and friends and it can be a room you enjoy being in if you follow some… Continue reading Keeping the Kitchen Organised and Clean

Home Organisation

Keeping the Living Room Organised & Tidy

 Put Cd’s, DVD’s into cases, and buy purpose built CD racks.(try not to use a box, its high maintenance to remove a lid & put it back on again, being organised should be simple, not hard work) Paper Rack- Keep current publications in it, Check through it  and throw away old papers once a… Continue reading Keeping the Living Room Organised & Tidy