Effortless But Stunning Hairstyles You Can Achieve While You’re Sleeping (Literally!)

Effortless But Stunning Hairstyles You Can Achieve While You’re Sleeping (Literally!)

This is my latest obsession, hairstyles for the lazy girl like me ūüėČ
Mornings are a bit hectic in my house so these fab tutorials are a lifesaver.

Only 5-10 minutes preparation needed, no heat, no fuss, sleep, wake up VOILA! Stunning effortless hair…Enjoy!

Beach Waves  Hair.


Wash your hair before bed.

Let your hair dry until it is slightly damp, not too wet!

If you have dry, thin or frizzy hair, rub a little argon type oil into your hair.

Twist your hair and make a bun on the top of your head (really high) tie with an elastic.

Wait for your hair to dry completely overnight and then gently take off the hair elastic and unravel the curls.

You can make more than one bun for a tighter more dramatic wave effect!

Super Curly Hair

Cut an old sock into  strips (or any other old T-shirt etc)

Then wrap sections of your half-dried hair into them by placing the end of each section on the center of the strip and rolling up.

Once you’re done, just tie the ends of the strip together and move to the next section.

And remember, the smaller your sections are, the tighter your wild curly hair will be.

No Crimpers Crimped Hair


Wash your hair an hour before you go to bed

Towel dry the hair

Braid it into a lot of thin, tight braids.

Leave the braids overnight.

Undo them in the morning, style your hair and there you have it! No crimpers crimped hair!

Twisty Beautiful Curls

images (1)

Wash hair & towel dry.

Take tiny sections of hair.

Apply a generous amount of the styling product of your choice.

Then twist each section until it starts to coil around its base.

Secure these little knots with hair elastics.

Let loose after a few hours or the next day ¬†and you’re instantly rocking some sexy, twisty hair.


Head Banging? Mouth drier than Ghandi’s flip-flops? Lets Hide That Hangover!

Head Banging? Mouth drier than Ghandi’s flip-flops? Lets Hide That Hangover!

Head Banging? Stomach Churning? Mouth drier than Ghandi’s flip-flops? and to add insult to injury, you have somewhere important to be don’t you?

Well fear not my friends! I have found some tips to help hide that hangover! 


1. Get Rid of Eye Puffiness.

Puffy eyes are usually the most common problem for people while battling a hangover. They should also be top priority when you wake up first thing in the morning. The creams offer brown algae and caffeine ingredients to get rid of the swollen appearance. Spoons, cold tea bags and cucumber slices will also help to get rid of this look. Do not put ice directly onto skin because extreme coldness can result in the skin being red.

2. Make sure to use the right concealer.

Even if you moisturise correctly you need an adequate primer which is very effective in covering up a hangover. Use one that has light diffusing particles that will provide you with a healthy glow but will also offer a light texture. It is the best to pick one that was created especially for the area that is under your eyes. Do not choose a strong one that is used to simply cake over blemishes.

3. Eye makeup makes a huge difference.

Eyelash curlers will help you to be awake but before reaching for black mascara consider something else. The most flattering eyes shadows are the nudes, browns and beiges. Even a nude eyeliner will help ‚Äď although, you should not use anything white that could make your eyes look worse. Finish off the eye makeup with brown or navy blue mascara which will hide the hangover and make the look very natural.

4. Cheeks are important!

Wearing blush on your cheeks will give them a very gentle glow. You can try to mix up a small amount of illuminating power along with primer. Putting on the blush before you apply the foundation is an easy way to get a look that is more natural. If you opt out to use a tinted moisturizer then you can hide some paleness that may result from a hangover.

5. Stress the lips.

If you use a special moisturising lipstick it is the best way to go. It is not a good thing to use dark colors for both your eyes and your lips. Stay away from any vivid colors ‚Äď choose one that doesn‚Äôt pop too much and then use a glossy finish in order to enhance your ‚Äėglow.‚Äô

All of these things will help to get rid of a hangover, or at least eliminate the look of one. Drinking a lot of water will also help to get rid of the bodily dehydration. Alcohol de-hydrates the body and that can result in bigger eye bags or a puffy appearance. Taking a hot shower may also help to open up your pores and get the alcohol out.

In future why not be prepared and read Hello Morning After! Hangover Cures From The Experts!

I’m Bringing Back Hair Ribbons!

I’m Bringing Back Hair Ribbons!

Today is the first day of spring!  Yayy..

…but ¬†let’s be honest, the weather is miserable and it is looking like we are more likely to have a white Easter rather than Christmas this year!

So it looks like my spring wardrobe will have to wait a few extra weeks this year,  however I have decided to brighten up my style and  bring back hair ribbons!  I am loving all types of ribbons, you can use simple small ribbons, to bright scarf style ribbons.

Here are a few pictures I found below to give you an idea of how to make this sweet & innocent style statement work.


You can also

DIY Ombre & Dip Dye Tutorial! Simple Way To Get a Funky New Look For Less Than A Tenner!

DIY Ombre & Dip Dye Tutorial! Simple Way To Get a Funky New Look For Less Than A Tenner!

Things have been tough¬†lately¬† And let‚Äôs face it, when a gal has a tough day, some hair therapy is usually in order! So I grabbed my best friend and persuaded her to let me loose on her locks! I found this photo tutorial and¬†decided¬†to share it with anyone who needs to leave the January Blues behind! ¬†ūüėÄ

**Heads up: I have only done this once before! ¬†That‚Äôs my ‚ÄúI ain‚Äôt no pro, so do as I say at your own risk‚ÄĚ disclaimer.**

My DIY tools: Clairol ‚ÄúBorn Blonde‚ÄĚ, an old tooth brush, precut tin foil and a bowl. Oh, and gloves‚Ķ not seen here. I hear this is much easier with highlighting bleach kits so keep that in mind if you have darker hair than me.

My before hair. Not bad, but could be a lot more fun.  Definitely tired of the dull brownish blonde it’s become over the years.

Step One: Change into a shirt you don’t care about getting dye on and brush your hairs!

Step Two: Apply a pretty healthy dose of the dye about 3-4 inches up, depending on how long your hair is.  Use downward strokes with your brush. Set in tin foil and check regularly. I left it in for about 25 minutes before moving on to step 3. **One tip I learned is that when you’re doing it yourself, do NOT go above your shoulders. This leaves room for improvement.

Step three: Take the tips out of the foil and check your colour  When it’s about a shade and a half lighter, apply more dye further up your hair.  Be sure to fade it in nicely with your brush. Leave the older dye on your tips so it continues to lighten while you do the rest (unless you’ve gone too light, in which case just go ahead and rinse it off). I left this in for another 25 minutes. For a little extra fun, lighten up random strands around your head here and there.

Step Four: Rinse, wash and condition. Then wait approximately 10 years for your hair to dry before you can take a picture of it. GRUMBLE!

As e were feeling really adventurous we decided to add some colour! So only lightening the hair once, then washing it off and drying the ends we then added a LIVE : ULTRA BRIGHT in HOT PINK to create a dip dye effect!

This is the result, it looks more red than pink but we are really happy with the result!


I hope you enjoyed this! If you‚Äôre thinking of dying your hair and going for something fun, this is a really low maintenance, low hassle way of getting a really fun look. I HIGHLY¬†recommend¬†it ūüėÄ

Look After Your Skin This Winter Season.

Look After Your Skin This Winter Season.

If Christmas over-eating and partying has taken its toll on your skin read our tips for reviving your face and body.

Colder weather causes our skin to retain less moisture whilst central heating doubles the problem by drying out the air and leeching moisture from the body.  here are some top tips for looking after your hair and skin this season!

Face the weather


Our faces take the brunt of the winter weather so it’s best to take action before the problems start. Don’t scrimp on your cleanser and then follow-up with a rich moisturiser. ¬†Even though the sun might not be as warm you still need to remember not to go out without SPF on to protect yourself. If it’s in your moisturiser already it’s one less thing to remember.¬†As the weather gets colder it is often our lips that suffer first. ¬†A travel pot of¬†Vaseline¬†works a treat and fits nicely in your handbag/pocket.

Avoid hair static

staticFlyaway static hair always seem to get worse as it gets colder. This is because heating makes the air dry which in turn dehydrates your hair. There are simple things you can do to minimise the problem:

  • Deep condition – treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment as moisturised hair will be less prone to static.
  • Leave-in conditioner – now is the time of year to invest in a leave in conditioner. ¬†Spray it onto¬†wet hair after you have used¬†shampoo and have conditioned.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals – hair products with alcohol in them will dry your hair out.
  • Anti-static sprays – you can buy anti-static sprays which can help. You can also spray it into hoods and hats!

Sort out your rough patches

body brush

Exfoliation is the name of the game here.  Get yourself a body brush and gently brush your whole body.  Direct your strokes away from your heart and all the way to your fingers and toes.  Then apply a body scrub.  There are some great salt based scrubs (standing in the bath whilst you apply is a good idea). Apply in gentle circles to arms, legs, elbows, feet and knees Рconcentrating on rough patches and then rinsing in the bath or shower.

Add bath milk or oils to your water and moisturise straight after bathing. Applying to damp skin gives an extra moisture boost.

Liven up a dull complexion


happy woman

The secret to keeping skin fresh looking is maintaining your routine. Cleanse and moisturise daily and use the right night cream. If you can grab 10 minutes once a week to exfoliate and apply a face mask you’ll see the results. ¬†To avoid skin drying out, turn the central heating down a notch and open a window to allow moisture into the room. Drink plenty of water and you’ll see an improvement¬†to the tone and appearance of your complexion. (Wonderful Water: The benefits of 8 glasses a day)

Love your hands


Your hands need extra loving at this time of year. Treat yourself to a good hand cream and apply it often.  Wear rubber gloves whilst doing housework and slather your hands in cream before you put them on. The heat from your hands will make the cream work harder. Wear gloves outside to protect your hands. Switch soap for a natural foaming wash to treat your hands

Look after yourself


Give your diet a makeover –¬†the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ couldn’t be more true. A diet rich in fruit and¬†vegetables is paramount to good skin.¬†Try to exercise – believe it or not, working up a sweat is not only great for our bodies, it also boosts the skin by¬†releasing toxins,¬†increasing blood flow and resulting in a smoother, healthier complexion.¬†Find local¬†exercise classes¬†where you live.