You Have 2 Hands. One To Help Yourself. One To Help Others #worldhomelessday

You Have 2 Hands. One To Help Yourself. One To Help Others #worldhomelessday

As well and World Mental Health Day, Today Is World Homeless Day Too.

The purpose of World Homeless Day is to draw attention to homeless people’s needs locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness.

I want to help to make a difference this winter. I know a local charity in my area called Making Winter Warmer, they are they most caring, giving, selfless group of people I have ever come across. They difference they make each week is remarkable. I have decided to join in and give something to a cause that can make such a huge difference to the lives of the homeless on our streets.

Making Winter Warmer is relaunching its Christmas ‘Kindness Pack’ Appeal and ‘Selection Box’ Appeal ♡

‘As the nights get colder and spirits run low lets help create positivity for those less fortunate than ourselves. Our Street Friends certainly deserve a treat and there’s nobody better to ask than all of you supportive and wonderful #MWW friends!’

Can you help? If you are not local to this project, look out for other projects in your area.

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All of the details are on the poster above. Please stick to the suggested list ( They have a mass amount of toothpaste/brushes and will be added by them at base) and items must be placed in a clear zip lock bag, this way we can cut down time on checking the packs and our friends can reuse the bag to keep items safe and weatherproof.14606441_10154581278209813_5586546120356193677_n

Middlesbrough (Smoggie) Translation

Middlesbrough (Smoggie) Translation

As I am from Middlesbrough and live in Newcastle, I often get people misunderstanding the meanings of my words, even my daughter (who has lived here most of her life) and I have a language barrier sometimes, which also results in her teasing me and mocking my words!

So I have decided to put together a ‘Smoggie Translator’ to prevent any further misunderstanding between myself and my friends, Please do join in and I will add to the list as I think of more 🙂

Firstly here’s a bit about my home town; Middlesbrough is town in the North East of England, situated on the river Tees, which is also about the 13th largest town in Britain.

Home of the ‘Smoggie’ A person originating from Teesside, so-called originally from the smoke from the Dorman Long, and other industrial works on the Tees (knocked down years ago and where the Riverside Stadium is) Shortened from original nickname of “Smog monster.”

Locals call both the town and the football team (Middlesbrough FC) “Boro”, while outsiders misspell the town’s name as MiddlesbOrough.

There is a distinctive Teesside accent, distinguishable from the Geordie (People of Newcastle) or Mackem (People of Sunderland) accent. Just to clarify there is 40 miles separating Geordies and Smoggies with Mackem’s 20 minutes each way in between.

Some of the words found in this dictionary did not originate in Middlesbrough and can be heard in different dialects, also some words/meanings are found in the regular dictionary and some have been changed through generations, but they have now become a main part of the Teesside dialect due to frequent use and Smoggies putting their own spin on them.

To give you an idea of the comparison to me and my daughter (Who was brought up in Newcastle) and to show the reason I created this Translator/ Dictionary here is a short clip I took a couple of weeks ago


Aka – Crazy

“He was going Aka”

As – Used to add emphasis to a sentence

“She was sad as”

Ayas – “Ayas coming or what?”

Aggy Boo- Sarcastic way of laughing at someones bad luck

Av’it– Take that

Afta– Have to

“I afta sort it out later”

Areyeravinalaff?– Are you playing some kind of unfunny joke on me?

Akki – Filthy

Away/ Haway – Come on


Bang On – Just right (See spot on)

Bray – To hit, bang

“I was braying on the door for ages before you answered”

Bag head – Drug addict

Bang Out – Out of Order, If someone does something that is extremely unfair, or says something that’s offensive or hurtful.

Beck – Viking word for Stream

Beck Jumping – The sport of jumping over becks to entertain yourself

Baccy – Tobacco

Black un – Drinking all day

Buzzin’ – Ecstatic

Battered – Confused, emotionally exhausted

“My heads battered”

Balastic – Crazy

“He just went propa balastic there like”

Bobby/ Bobbies – Police- from Robert (Bob) Peel – 1st police commissioner & founder of the police force

Beaut – Used as an insult

“Go away you little beaut”

Berra – Better

“You berra hurry up”

Bait – Packed Lunch, dinner

Budgies – Ill fitting trousers, trousers that are to short

Bongo–  A club found over the border

Boltic / Baltic– Freezing cold

Buhha – Butter

Baffs – Swimming Baths/Pool

Buh – But

Binjer – A cigarette end


Canny – Someone nice, pleasant.

Class – Very impressive

Chew – Bother

“I don’t want no chew tonight like”

Chuck – Throw

Chore – Friend, mate

Coggy/ Croggy – To catch a lift on someone’s bike

Champion / Champo – Brilliant, good

Chockablock /Chocka- Packed, full

Clemmy-  Stone / Lump of mud

Coz – Because

Canna – Can I

Claggy – Sticky

Cotters/ Cottery-  Knots in hair

Cocka/ Cock – Pet, chum, friend

“Ey up Cocka”

Crank – Idiot

Cack – Discusting, not very good

Clart /Klart– Muck

Codja–  Old Man/ Lady

Cut – Path leading through somewhere

Clamming – Hungry

Cadge – Borrow

Chuffed – Well pleased

Cob on–  Bad mood

Chorva – Best friend

Clout – Hit, strike


Devoed – Devastated

“I’was proper devoed me like.”

Dunno – Dont Know

Down Town – Visiting Middlesbrough centre

Duds – Pants, trousers

Doggie – Nickname for an area in Middlesbrough named North Ormesby

Doanah – Dont I?

Divvy/ Div/Doyle – Idiot

“Wha ya doin tha for ya divvy?”

Defos – Definitely

Deck – Threat to incapacitate someone

“‘I’ll deck him, me

Ding-  Idiot, fool

Do ya in – I will assault you

Dark End –  Nickname of an area named park end

Do One – Go away

Dump/ Docker – cigarette that’s been put out to save some for later

Darl – Shortened from the name darling, just overused in Middlesbrough


Eeee  – “Eeee, I can’t believe it.”

Ere / Eeya – Here, can I have your attention?

Ee’s– He’s

er- Her

Ed – Head

Ed the ball – Insult

“You’re a proper ed the ball you like”

Ey up – Hello or hold on, look what we have here

Ert– Hurt

Egg in a bun– Man that is going bald but has a nest of hair

Eh? – I beg your pardon


Fumin’ – Very angry

Fags – Cigarettes

Filum – Randomly adding a ‘U’ to the word ‘film’

Fadgie – A bun made with lard instead if butter


Gunna- Going to

Goosed – Shattered, really tired

Gadgie – Man, male

Get Lost– Stop teasing me

Gerrit-  Get it

Get in/ Get in there/ Gerrup – Pleased about something

“Get in, I’ve gorra day of work today”

Gereer – Get over here

Gizit-  Give me that

Geggs – Glasses, Spectacles


Hills – Eston Hills

“Im gunna go up the hills on ma bike”

Heavin – Really busy

Hacky – Dirty

Howay/ Awayy / Owayy– Come on

Howl – Laugh
“That proppa made me howl last night!”

Hammered– Incomprehensibly drunk


‘im- Him


Jokin arn ya?- That better not be true

Jafta – Do you have to

“Jafta do that?”

Janoaworramean? – ‘Do you understand what i am saying/talking about?’

Jizza – Social Security Giro


Kick off – Cause havoc

Kick right off – Cause lots of havoc

Knack – To hurt

My feet were knacking off those shoes”

Knackered – Really Tired

Kid – Refrence to a friend or mate

Knocky Knocky Ido, Knocka door run– Game of knocking on someones door and running away before the answer

Ket– Sweets

Keggie/ceggie – a bump or swelling (often on the head)


Laffin – Nice one, thats good

Lemon top – Ice cream with a tangy lemon top.

Ledge – A hero, Legend

Like – A meaningless word used as a filler in sentences

“ya know warra mean like”

Laterz – See you later

Looka – Excuse me, can I have your attention

Leccy – Electricity


Mufti Van- Police Van

Mam – Mum, Mom, Mother

Mint – Very good

“It’s proper mint that like.”

Minted – Have lots of money

Maftin – Boiling

Muppet – Idiot

Mucca/ Mush – Mate, Friend

Munter– Ugly

“Shes a right Munter”

Meff– Idiot

Minger /Minging – Something or someone that’s disgusting

Me – Used a lot at the end of a sentence

“I’m from Middlesbrough Me” “I love carpets me”

Manky– Filthy

Mert- Mate

Mortal – Very drunk

Mooch/ Mooching– Going out, exploring

“I’m going on a mooch”


Napper – Head

“That lass does my napper in”

Nor-  No

Nowt – Nothing

Necta– Amazing

Naff- Nothing

“We went all the way there for naff all”

Now then – Greeting, Hi everyone. How are you all?

Nick off – To skive, Play truant

Nits – Head lice eggs

Nash – Social Security office

Nithered – Cold

N Thaa – Randomly added to the end of a sentence

Nightmare – Unlucky

“That’s a nightmare that like”


Our – My, a family member

“Its’ our mams birthday today”

Our Lad/Our Lass – Other half, partner

Our ‘ouse – My house

Over the Border- The area of St Hilda’s arrived at by going under the railway tracks at the bottom of Albert Road (Home of the Bongo Club).

Ow – Excuse me

“Ow, where dya think your going?”

Ow Do- How are you doing

‘Ows about – ‘Think of it this way’

Orite – All is good, OK

“Is everything orite”

Offit- Mental, crazy

Owt – Anything

“Do you want owt from the shop?”

Owee In – Come in

Orr eeya- Usually said in frustration

Orr eeya, I cant be doing with this like”

Our Kid – Brother

Oggy/ Hoggy – Lift

“Do you fancy giving us a oggy over that wall”

Oggy Raiding – Taking peoples apples from their garden without permission

Our End – The area that I live in

We don’t have one of those round our end”


Parmo / Parmesan A breaded cutlet dish originating in Middlesbrough

Proper/ Proppa – Very much

Pilla – Pillow

Pattie- Potato, battered and fried, usually with fish.

Pigbag – Matchday song for Middlesbrough FC

Packitin – Stop it

Paraletic – Basically means being so drunk you can’t walk or talk properly

Plaggy Bagging/ Polly Bagging – The sport of riding down hills in the snow

Plaggy – Plastic, fake

Parky – Park attendant

Peggin – Someone who steals clothes from watching lines


Quality – Very good

“It was a quality night.”


Righto – Okay then.

Ripped Off – A product or service that is overpriced or of poor quality- An act of exploitation.

Rank/ Rammy – Disgusting

Radged – Mental, Crazy

Rammed – Busy, Full


Smoggie – A Person originating from Teeside, Apparently the original Smoggie term comes from the smoke from the Dorman Long, and other industrial works on the Tees (knocked down years ago and where the Riverside Stadium is) Shortened from original nickname of “Smog monster.”

Sound – Good

Proper sound that like”

Stoppy Back – Extra drinking time in a pub after closing time

Scran – Food

Scunner – A person withno moral background

“He’s a right scunner.”

Shockin – Out of order

Scrounged/ Scrounger- A person who tries to get something for nothing/or a person that is greedy/will not share

Shot – Throw, hoy, chuck

“Shot those things in the car for us”

Sly Off – To sneak off

Scraps– Bits of leftover batter usually sprinkled over on chips

Summat – Something

Snidey – Sly, fake

Spot on – just right

Swear down/ Swear to god – I’m honest

“I swear down on our mam’s life.”

Slaggy Island – Area in Boro named South bank, it was nicknamed Slaggy island as it was surrounded by slag heaps

Smashun – Smashing, Great

Sket – Dirty Girl

ShitHot – Brilliant

Sozzard – Though a shortening of a phrase of the ilk ‘Sorry there hard man’, it is often meant sarcastically and derogatorily, and is used against someone making a unbelievably rubbish and/or pointless point

Skank/Skanky- Dirty (often ascribed to women)

“She’s a right skank”

Scut /Scutty –  Dirty, unclean, unwashed

Scally– A naughty/undesirable type- usually a youth.

Skivvy– Servant

“I am not your skivvy”


Tara – Bye

Tahoo – Tattoo

Toggyender – Kicking a ball with the toes

Tarzy – A rope hanging over a tree used as a swing

“We made a tarzy up the hills today”

Tattie – Potato

Tarm – Time

Taxed – Pinched, Stolen

Torchered – Harrased, teased

Twat – Hit, Strike, To physically assault

Toasted – To be beaten by an opponent

You just got toasted on FIFA there like”

Touched – Mentally disturbed

“You’re touched you like”

Tan – Get a lift on someones bike (see also Croggy/Coggy)

Tekking – Taking

“He’s tekking the micky now”

Turned round – Used to describe what was said during an argument

” She turned round and said to me……”. “I turned round and told him to…..”

Two Dog – Two Litres of cider

Twocka – A person who takes things that do not belong to them

Tranies – Training shoes

Tret – The way someone has been treated

“I tret our mam to tea last night”


Us – Me

Pass us that salt please”


The Van – Mobile shop

“D’ya wan owt off the van??


Wod – Pile of cash

Wrecked – Extremely drunk

Wouldja dare – Something you wouldn’t do

“Wouldja dare be you.”

Worritisright- ‘This is how it is’ , Used to start a conversation that usually results in ‘chew’

Woppa – Insult

“You’re a proper whoppa you, arn ya?”

Winda – Window

Wahha – Water

Worra – What a

“Worra load of rubbish


Young’un – Somebody younger than yourself usually your child/brother/sister

Yous – You people

Ya’d – You had

Yonks – Ages

Yer wha? – “I’m sorry, I never quite heard you there”

Night out in Newcastle, Where to go?

Night out in Newcastle, Where to go?

Iv’e lived here for 4 years now, and LOVE a good night out here, its probably the best place in the country 😛  us northerners are known for being so friendly and of course for not wearing coats, well we don’t want to hide our new frocks do we?  Thousands of people visit the ‘toon’ for the wicked night life to celebrate hen/stag nights, birthdays & any other occasion they can find an excuse!!

So where is there to go?

I’l start with my personal favourites and how I like to enjoy a night out! obviously it starts at home  with a good old pampering session, picking out the clothes & the most important thing THE SHOES! and a few ‘pre-toon’ drinks.

Me & my friends would usually head to The Gate for the first drinks.  The Gate is an indoor centre, it  includes an assortment of bars, cafes and restaurants. (as well as a 12 screen cinema)  The bars include Tiger Tiger, Mood, Indigo, Bar Bannatyne, Opera, The Keel Row (Lloyds), Sam Jack’s, Players and Beyond Bar. there is a variety of people here depending on the bar so there is something for everyone, the drinks are reasonable prices especially in Lloyds, Keel Row where you can get a good head start with drinks such as 2 jugs of cocktails for £10 and 4 Jagerbombs for just £5!  Bannatynes is one of the nicer more expensive bars its a little quieter if you prefer to sit down and talk and Opera next door often has live music. Mood has recently re-opened and every time I have walked in it has been a little empty and dull.  Indigo has two floors and it has a dark smokey atmosphere with UV lights everywhere and only beautiful bar staff! the music is funky house, club classics, house, dance & rnb and has live DJ’s every night, including mad mambo on the bongos ( a must hear!) Sam Jacks is probably more suited for the stags, with the bucking bronko and the dentists chair watch it here. Players is a sports bar, has two floors and live male & Female dancers.

After The Gate some would head down to the Bigg Market , The Bigg Market A no-holds-barred area where you won’t find much in the way of culture, but you will find a lot in the way of drink. A selection of bars mainly playing hardcore, scouse house music and the majority of the people being chavs & high as kites. Be prepared to wear your drink as there’s no stopping their dancing shoes!

However, I would then head down towards Newcastles Diamond Strip which is 100 meters of trendier bars including Revolution, Madame Koos, Baby Lynch, Floritas, Perdu, Ohso, Attic, Bijoux & the Lodge. The kind of people who go here are usually  20-35yr olds, young, cool, mature people. The area attracts these kinds of people by selling a range of drinks including cocktails, bottles, and long drinks. You will not find any girls here drinking pints with a straw! The decor in these places are ultra contemporary and there are also comfortable places to sit and talk while you get in the mood for a dance.

I usually start at Revolution and try out a new flavour of Vodkas  its a vodka bar. it has some amazing flavours! I also visit Ohso regularly which is a nice bar with a good atmosphere and Perdu which gets packed with a variety of people but its a great place to be and everyone is friendly. The queue’s for the bar in these places can be a bit of a wait depending on the night.  My ultra favourites and the highlight of my night are Floritas and Madame koos these are all part of  The Apartent Group and are linked via the VIP sections. Floritas has live music and the decor in here is Fab! there is so much to take in when you go in here, the atmosphere is great and there is also booths if you prefer to sit down. they have a ranch of cocktails including a pineapple punch that is served in the actual pineapple. Madame Koos is a downstairs bar,it has comfortable seated areas aswell as a dance floor where you can move your feet to Koo’s fusion beat of all the classic soul, disco, RnB, indie, rock and pop. Also at the centre of the strip there’s a nightclub called Tup Tup Palace I have only been here a hanful of times but apparently its ‘where clubbers enter a bohemian world of escapism, luxury and eastern finery. Boasting indoor waterfalls, an elliptical recessed champagne snug, privately serviced tables and a selection of the worlds finest drinks brands…Tup Tup prides its-self on providing quality service to a soundtrack of quality music’

By this time I have usually taken off my shoes and I am swinging them around whilst singing out loud waiting for a taxi (which are all meter operated by the way)  to take me home for a glass of water and to fall into my bed fully clothed.  So if you do regularly visit Newcastle or are planning a visit, be sure to get back to me and let me know your views and reviews!

Much Love xx

Tup Tup Palace
Tup Tup
Madame Koos
Madame Koos