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World mental health day 2017 – Understanding BPD

I wrote this post ‘Understanding BPD’ a few year ago. It’s an insight into what mental health means for me. 

Nobody sees the nitty gritty I talk about here. As time goes on, my circumstances have changed yet the struggle is still real. It’s been 8 years since my diagnosis. Over time I have learnt to better regulate my emotions and reactions (though this is still my biggest hurdle) I learnt to cope better with episodes, look out for triggers and act on them and handle day to day life with this illness. It means episodes are fewer and further I’m between and I eventually accepted this is life and taught myself how to work on auto pilot when I need to and how to manage my symptoms. 
A lot of people would be surprised to hear that I suffer from mental health problems, even my own family don’t see what really goes on behind the mask each day. 

People are so quick to judge, quick to label just because were not all the same. I face the criticism regularly..but what people don’t realise,is that we all sin differently. I think were all guilty of not seeing things from another perspective from time to time

One of my biggest problems has always been letting other people’s opinions ruin my day, letting their negativity impact my mood and letting their views make me question my choices, so it’s good to remember to choose your words wisely. 

Just because you don’t like the way someone lives or who they associate with, doesn’t mean they are wrong and should feel the same way as you do. One small negative thing you say could impact someones life more than you could know. As the saying goes ‘if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

The thing about mental health is, just because you can’t see it..doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Bear this in mind next time you don’t understand someone’s actions, or are negative about someone’s ideas or you disagree with someone’s choices in their life. Don’t squash someone’s dream because you don’t see it happening or destroy someones positivity & motivation just because your having a bad day. Show some support even if you don’t understand why they feel that way.

Make a call or send a text just to reach out and say “hi” to a friend or send a card to some one who’s had a hard time, let them know your there. You never know, you might save them from a day of upset or loneliness.

One thought on “World mental health day 2017 – Understanding BPD

  1. Thanks for this blog. I have BPD. I’ve been in therapy for 4 years and it’s made a slight difference but I am not giving up.

    I found it funny that the advertising on your blog was for nuts. Peanuts exactly. Someone has a sense of humor. Most people think we are. We aren’t. But, like you said on your YouTube video, I don’t like disclosing it.

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