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My After Birth Rules For Visitors Of Our New Baby

So we all know I like things to be just right! and after the worst year of my entire life I want the birth of my baby to be perfect, as do all expectant parents. I was advised to set out some ground rules for my family and friends. So they know exactly what I want. Because If I don’t tell them, how will they know? I don’t want to be nagging on the arrival of my baby..Do This, Don’t Do that! (although I probably will a little bit)

So I thought about whats important to me and my husband. Mainly, we want it to be all about us. No mention of anyone else, or their situations or how they did it or how they will do it or what we are doing wrong etc. We want a day to be KING & QUEEN along with our PRINCESS showing off our new PRINCE.

I have a plan for everything and like to make it special and involve everyone, so again there is the method in my madness. We have decided that the first person to meet the baby will obviously be my Daughter. Then my mother gets to meet him. Followed by my sisters & other family members & friends. At first we want a few minutes alone with each of them while they meet the baby as we would like to do the honours of making some very special announcements ❤

We have put together some basic rules that we would like everyone to follow relating to our privacy and allowing us to make this time really special and giving us the opportunity to introduce our baby to the world at our own pace in our own way.

I’s all very exciting now our countdown has begun and we are getting everything in order!

Feel free to use, share & add these to your social media accounts or send them in an email to your family & friends if the same requests apply and are important  to you.


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