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My Slimming World Tips For Convenience & Success

Today is the Day I Rejoin Slimming World! I am planning a Wedding and Engagement Party (Not in that order) and I refuse to feel crappy on those days that cameras will be everywhere. I also have a lovely month long trip to Thailand where I will be visiting a wedding planner! Eek, so much excitement, so many wobbly bits to shift.

My very popular post Want to Lose Wight with Unlimited amounts of Pasta, Potatoes, Meat Etc. Then try Slimming World for FREE my Plan has been going a bit crazy with all the New Years Resolutions and I have decided to jump back on the bandwagon. It was created quite some time ago so a few things may have changed slightly but not much! So I’m happy with it. I have also been using the wonderful world of social media to find some handy tips that I will be using to get a kick-start.

  • I am trying to keep some variety in my diet so have come up with the idea to have a club night each night so I can easily manage my shopping  &don’t get bored with the same foods day in and day out.

Bridget Of The North - Menu Nights

  • I have cut up a bag of potatoes into chips and into fritters with the peel left on as I find it crisps up nicely.  I then par boil them, let them dry out completely and put them into freezer bags and freeze them. so they are loke frozen chips, when I cook chips for the family, Mine are also ready to take out place on a backing tray spray with Fry light and cook the same way.
    • I’m also going to do the same with my roasties, but I sprinkle OXO cube on them like a marinade and when I cook a pour a little bit of stock in the bottom of the tray for it to soak up and they dry out so tasty!
  • I have found these handy Healthy Extras Images from pintrest- Source


  • Slimming World Iceland Meals. I am ALL about convenience! I hate cooking and just despise being in the kitchen. So When they brought out these I was so relieved! The sausages are lovely and are FREE FOODS aswell as the Ready Meals and Other items such as soups, burgers etc! They cost around £3 a meal but usually have offers on too. My favourite is the Chicken Tikka I throw in a tin of New Potatoes and share it with my boyfriend, he loves it too even though he doesn’t diet.
    Chicken Tikka_Platter_OL

Iceland Slimming World



  • Remember why you are doing this?
    • To Increase my chances of conceiving
    • To feel good about my self
    • To look better in my clothes
    • To not be so self conscious on holiday
    • To look FABULOUS at my Engagement
    • To look even more FABULOUS at my Wedding
    • To look good for my Fiance
    • To walk into any shop and choose what I like
    • For the BEFORE & AFTER picture
    • For a flatter stomach
    • To be proud of myself
    • To make my daughter proud & set a good example
    • To have those ‘Damn I look good’ mirror moments
  • Speed Soup & Lots of it! it will boost your  weight loss. As usual everything is just convenience for me, So I turn on the slow cooker then stick these in (or whatever speed food I can get my hands on in the kitchen)
    • Tin of mixed bean salad (drained)
    • Tin of green lentils (drained)
    • 2 cans of chopped tomato
    • 1 can of baked beans (drained)
    • large leeks (chopped)
    • Onion (diced)
    • Carrots (chopped)
    • Parsnips (diced)
    • Green pepper
    • Red pepper
    • Yellow pepper
    • Chilli Peppers
    • 2 stock cubes and enough water to cover.
      VOILA! I put it in to bowls and freeze it, you could have it chunky or blend (which I prefer) and then have some each day throughout the week for a boost.
  • Wonderful Water. Enough Said
  • I have purchased a recipe book fo me to write in all my favourite Snacks, Desserts & Mains so that I dont get bored and dont forget the good ones!
  • I have bought a fondue set – Melted freddo 5 Syns and lots of strawberries & other fruit to dip! Perfect for our Frieday night in.
  • I have purchased an Omelette Maker from Aldi for £11.99! They taste great and stop me being hungry late night.
  • Fakeaways. Like Takeaways, but fake! This book, is well worth a buy. (Shop around it might be cheaper) Its great and some of them are pretty easy. If I can do them, you can!  🙂


  • Now, what I’m about to say will shock people and it will be frowned upon. I will not be following plan every day. I will be having Saturday OFF! I tend to drink alcohol, go out for meals, visit friends and can do this whilst losing weight (although it will slow weight loss) by following plan every other day. Its my cheat day, my choice and I couldn’t cope without it!
  • Oh and last but not least, I have this on my Birthday List! I NEED it.$_12

I have copied my food ideas below. But to anyone who’s following the plan, leave me your tips please! and Good Luck with your journey!

Menu Ideas


Bacon Sandwich (B Choice)

Egg on Toast (B Choice) . Scrambled/ Fried with Fry Light or poached

Bran Flakes (B Choice)  with Milk (A Choice)

Shredded Wheat

B Choice- Milk -A Choice

Dippy Eggs & Soldiers

Bread- B Choice


Shepard’s Pie

Cheese- A Choice

Slimming World Chips, Eggs & Spaghetti

Ham Sandwich, Crisps, Lettuce- Mayo

Bread- B Choice- Crisps- Asda ready salted  – Mayo 0.5 syn

Chinese Takeaway , Chicken Chow Mein (7 Syns)

Steak, Mushrooms, Onions (Fried in fry Light) and Frozen Chips (100g 3 1/2 syns)

Nandos Chicken & chips

Chilli slow cooker

Pulled pork



Pasta Tomatoes Cheese Beans

Tune Pasta

Jacket Potatoe

SW Chips

SW Roast Potatoes (Roasties)

Roast dinner

Meat, potatoes & peas


Grilled Slimming World burger (1/2 Syn from Butchers) 100g Frozen Chips (3 1/2 Syns) Tinned Spaghetti (Free Food)

Spaghetti Bolognese.  Mince, Pasatta, Mushrooms, Tomatoes & Onions.


Diet Coke


Fruit Cocktail

Low Fat Yogurt

Crab Sticks



Ham & Pease Pudding Rolls

Strawberries & Yogurt

Yogurt, 1 crumbled digestive biscuit

Yogurt & Banana

Options Hot Choc (2 Syns)


SW chips

SW Soup

Puft Crisps 3½

Curly wurly 5 ½

Freddo 5

Pink & White 2 ½

Cooked Meat

Pasta & Sauce


Cadbury Buttons Treat Size (4 each) (over strawberries?)



Strawberry pavalova

Home-Made rice pudding

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