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Have You Matured? Here Are Some Signs That It’s Time For You To Grow Up

As my 27th birthday looms and I start to make plans for my future, putting things into place (admittedly something I probably should have done years ago) I think about what I have learnt, and why its time to get my shit together basically.  Responsibilities change and we need to take care of ourselves, we can’t put off growing up any longer…lets be honest, its been creeping up for a while.

But when do we pass our ‘Do what we want, when we want’ lifestyles? and how do we know when its the right time. Here is a few pointers..

  • You begin to  understand that you don’t have to get so drunk, sleep with a random or throw up to have a successful weekend, You want to try the good kind of drunk and have the good kind of fun, be merry drunk and not have the kind of ‘I’m never drinking again’ hangover that lasts till midweek.
  • Your friendships are changing, you are sick of the same people doing the same thing week in week out and your starting to realise you have nothing in common with them anymore. Don’t worry though. You’ll stay in touch with the ones that matter. If someone’s no longer in your life, it’s for a reason.
  • You start dressing for comfort, rather than to look good, you’ve give up trying to wear heels and avoid going anywhere that you may have to bother dressing up, unless it’s a special occasion, even then you can’t wait to get home and stick your Pj’s on and snuggle in bed.
  • You realise social smoking is pointless. The days of standing outside freezing your bum off to participate with smoking friends, in a habit that you don’t normally have (and its unhealthy and quite frankly, stinks) stops making sense to you.
  • You start to regret all the naps you refused as a child and your ‘disco naps’ turn into regular ‘afternoon naps’.
  • You can have a real relationship with someone..and you can handle it. When you’re younger, you see relationships differently. How do you have time to really nurture your relationship and your partner when you are busy having temper tantrums, experiencing extreme jealousy, being unwilling to forgive and being totally dependant on your partner. Lets face it, Its asking for trouble. Mature people don’t have to worry about always being right  Growing up, means letting good people into your life and letting healthy relationships happen. Being comfortable with saying you are wrong. Even when your right, mature people are willing to waive that right for the sake of relationship.
  • You find yourself saying things like, “I cant go out tonight. I’m at work in the morning.” or “I’m staying in tonight its the X Factor final and I don’t want to miss it”
  • You have started sleeping at night and staying awake throughout the day, not vice versa. Well, you do need your beauty sleep before those wrinkles appear.
  • You start to value your money, your wages are no longer spent on filling up the fridge with alcohol and takeaways. You have bills to pay and you want to start making your home as comfortable as possible….in other words, your ‘nesting’.
  • You realise you cant please everyone, not everyone will like you. And you couldn’t care less either way.
  • You let go of expectations. ‘Expectations are the root of all heartache’  No one is perfect and nothing is ever going to be perfect. You learn to expect nothing and appreciate everything.
Growing up just means editing your life (for the better) starting a new chapter in your life. Focusing on the things and the people who are positive and letting go of the negatives.  It means taking care of business and most importantly, of yourself.
But, fear not! You don’t have to get 20 cats and call it a day. It’s about  embracing ‘you’, learning from your discoveries over the years and not making the same mistakes.


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