Bits and bobs

Things I wish I had known when I was 15

Love With The Lights On


1.  Getting off with 18 year old boys, is not cool – it’s illegal. When you’re a 15 year old girl you think you’re the cat that got the cream if you are seeing an older lad. When I look back now, I realise these lads were in fact sad, losers who couldn’t get any girl their own age so took advantage of pig tail wearing school girls who still ate coco pops for breakfast. Pretty sick.

2.  Enjoy eating chips for lunch. Chips and gravy, sausage rolls, smiley faces, cake and custard all in one sitting. Weight 6 stone 3 pounds.  Repeat that 8 years later and we would be the size of  Heather Trott (after she ate Shirley).


3. Be glad you were frigid. The popular girl who was always sneaking off under the slide at the local park may have been the best thing since sliced bread…

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