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Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!

There is one thing that really gets to me, I have stewed over it many times. It's 'Why can’t people keep their word?' I’ve been one of those let down people many times, and fallen into the same trap time and time again. But because I do my best to keep my own word, I… Continue reading Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!

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42 Things All Noughties Teenagers Will Remember

Hannah Gale


1. Smirnoff Ice, WKD and Archers. Tiny bottles of sugary alcohol that made you talk to boys, throw up and get told off by your parents. Goody.

2. Spending an entire week waiting for the next episode of The O.C. Fancying Seth Cohen, wanting to be Summer Roberts, and feeling awkwardly not sad when Marisa died. Oh.

3. Stripy highlights. Big blonde chunky strips through your over-straightened hair that made you look like the fourth member of Atomic Kitten, the somewhat cooler version of Kerry Katona.

4. Denim everything. Denim jackets, the perfect denim mini skirt, denim pedal pushers, denim handbags. Firmly believing Bewitched were on to something.

5. Teaming said denim mini skirt with (faux) UGG boots, dolly shoes or bright pink Converse and feeling like you’d finally nailed looking cool on non-school uniform day. Well done you, high five. All the boys will fancy you now.


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Make Time To Be A Friend. It Could Save Someone’s Life

Dealing with my own personal problems and having to move away from my home town to create a better life for myself & my daughter means that I am well aware of how much I rely on my friends for support. I understand the importance of making time for my friends and being there for them or… Continue reading Make Time To Be A Friend. It Could Save Someone’s Life