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7 Types Of Annoying Facebook Couples..Are You One Of Them?

We’re so happy you found that special person to share your life with, it’s not easy and not everyone is as lucky as you. Its lovely to hear your getting on well and to know that your relationship is so perfect.. But seriously, give it a rest.

Sometimes you love something so much you want to shout it from your virtual rooftop and that’s understandable and its great honestly, but it gets on people’s  tits nerves!

Personally, I think it rings alarm bells when people need to declare their love constantly or live out their ups and downs publicly for all to see. That’s just my opinion.

Do you disagree? do you think it’s perfectly acceptable for people to constantly declare their love on Facebook making most of us cringe? Well I am afraid your probably a culprit yourself.

Here are a 7 examples of the worst offences…

The Milestoners

10 year anniversary, 1 week anniversary, birthdays, Christmas, New Year etc etc.

**** I love my Boy so much, Cant believe how far we have come. This has been an amazing year and we have so much to look forward to in the next one. I have never been happier. I am so lucky to be blessed with a boy like him <3<3<3 

The Declarers

**** I love You ❤

***No I love you baby, come back to bed

**** I love you more snugglekins, I’m just going to run a bath, join me 😉

Seriously, she can probably hear you if you said it out loud, she’s just in the other room.

The Checkerinerers

**** has just checked in at ‘The big bed with my boo’ with ***

**** has just checked in at ‘on the sofa watching a film’ with ***

Ahh thanks for letting us know! the suspense was killing us!

The On/ Off’ers

**** Is now Single

**** Is in a complicated relationship

**** Is Married to ***

**** Is now single

And so on and so on. Stop being so impulsive, give it at least a minute or two after an argument before you decide to be ‘free and single once again’

The Jokers

We all love an inside joke, but constant inside jokes between you and your partner are boring to look at. We all just think it’s some kind of weird sex thing you have going on.

**** Penguins LMAO <3<3<3

The Happy Snappers

A picture of you and your partner sharing a magical kiss or laughing together is adorable and really cute to see. But not daily, it’s putting us off our dinner. Oh and PLEASE stop with the pictures of you two ‘in the big bed’ not my idea of romance.

The Boring

****Excited  for TV and pizza night with the hubby!”

*** “Gunna cook a big dinner for the wife” 

Like you do every day? you certainly know how to spoil a girl!…actually shit, I watched TV last night… and at some point today I am going to eat dinner too! I should update my status so everyone can see how fun being single is.


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