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Swinging; Are You Interested? Could You Do It? Do You Indulge?

Last night I watched an interesting documentary on swinging (Also known as partner swapping, wife swapping) I was fascinated to find that there are many different reasons people choose to take part in these activities. Some people are just curious and keen to explore to find out what all the fuss is about, some looking to experience new and exciting friendships with the view to fulfil their fantasies, some couples engage in these activities because they believe it will strengthen their relationships. When I decided to write this post I done a bit of snooping on the web and I was interested to find there are even websites dedicated to swingers, to help them meet other swingers like Swinger Nation Ireland there are chat rooms and forums where swingers openly speak about meet ups and other activities related to swinging.

Throughout the programme and my research on the subject this morning, one thing stood out to me, these couples maintained happy, strong relationships built on mutual understanding and in my opinion it seems the swinging was not seen as an act of sex but something fun to do with someone you love.

It also came to my attention that there were many single people females & males that took part in swinging and they were equally as involved as the couples. One lady spoke about how she generally despised the dating process and would rather meet at swinger parties/meetings where it is acceptable  to have sex on the spot with whoever they meet and feel attracted to.

I have always been very broad-minded and respect everyone’s lifestyle decisions.  I do understand  why swinging appeals to couples, as long as both partners are happy, its something you both want to explore and you can establish the difference between making love and having sex,  I say go for it!

So whats your take on swinging? Are you interested? Do you indulge? Have you tried it? 


13 thoughts on “Swinging; Are You Interested? Could You Do It? Do You Indulge?

  1. Great Post. We are pretty familiar with the swinging lifestyle and know a number of people who are into it. A few observations we have had
    – swingers are incredibly friendly, fun people to be around — they embrace life
    – it is tough to get good information on swinging unless you actively hang out with swingers (e.g. at a club or lifestyle resort). Too much written in swinging comes with strong bias (either author is trying to defend or criticize swinging, so they are not objective)
    – one good show on swinging, that many swingers like is Swing on the Playboy Channel
    – I don’t think there are as lot of singles in the swinging lifestyle (especially women) but there are lots of great couples. The term for a single woman in swinging is a ‘unicorn’ and they are called this because they are sop rare, to the point of being mythical.

  2. Thanks for sharing Mikl! I did notice that there wasn’t much information on Swinging when I carried out my research, as you said the information that was found was either for or against the topic. Each to thier own I say! I was particularly amused with the meaning of the term ‘unicorn’ you shared too! great info xxx

  3. NO way, I respect them, but hell no I´m not taking the woman that I love to see her have sex with multiple people. I don´t understand that mindset, I´m respectful of them but I just can´t. Sex for me is interwined with loving the person. I just can´t bare the thought of walking into the girl that I love and she f*cking with another dude and say, “How are you honey? You seem happy, by the way how is that penis working for you.” If that happens I don´t walk into, I turn around walk out never to be seen.

  4. I’ts interesting to hear (or read) your viewpoint, it just goes to show how controversial the subject is. I was amazed at the many people that do indulge in his activity as well as other similar interests.. The most important thing that stood out to me, was that each of the stories I have read, both parties in the couple have been happy with the arrangement and got some kind of enjoyment from it and continued to have a strong, secure relationship, Like you said though, It can be hard to comprehend, its not everyones cup of tea! xxx

  5. I’ve never swung, but, as an escort my favourite thing was orgies, I did a lot of couples, and a few girl on girl things. With couples I found you where best to try and get the husband and the wife to do most of the fucking unless you where the ‘filler’ in the sandwich, people get jealous.

  6. We are long time swingers and love the lifestyle. From talking about it with others, the reason it is so “hidden” are the people that say, “I don’t know anything about it but it is sick and disgusting.” Some people just can’t accept it and broadcast to the world what a bunch of perverts you are.

    Many “straights”, as we call them, don’t understand swinging and if you really are interested, I’m sure that you can find a local club where you live that you can experience the atmosphere and you don’t even have to do anything if you don’t want to.

    What you will learn is that you develop relationships with other couples that are closer than family and generally speaking the divorce rate is below that of “normal” couples, so that should tell you something. For straight people, I think it’s statistically like 40-50% who have affairs and a good percentage of the affairs end up in divorce, broken homes, single parent family, etc. With us there is no reason to cheat, we go to a party and meet someone we like, spend some time in the rack with them, then go home with our other half. No anger, no fights and you get to share your experience with your other half. You never have to explain why your underwear is on backwards.

    Really enjoyed your article and thought it was well done.

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