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Middlesbrough (Smoggie) Translation

Some very exciting news coming up regarding The Smoggie Dictionary! EEEK! so watch this space 😉

As I am from Middlesbrough and live in Newcastle, I often get people misunderstanding the meanings of my words, even my daughter (who has lived here most of her life) and I have a language barrier sometimes, which also results in her teasing me and mocking my words!

So I have decided to put together a ‘Smoggie Translator’ to prevent any further misunderstanding between myself and my friends, Please do join in and I will add to the list as I think of more 🙂

Firstly here’s a bit about my home town; Middlesbrough is town in the North East of England, situated on the river Tees, which is also about the 13th largest town in Britain.

Home of the ‘Smoggie’ A person originating from Teesside, so-called originally from the smoke from the Dorman Long, and other industrial works on the Tees (knocked down years ago and where the Riverside…

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