Head Banging? Mouth drier than Ghandi’s flip-flops? Lets Hide That Hangover!

Head Banging? Mouth drier than Ghandi’s flip-flops? Lets Hide That Hangover!

Head Banging? Stomach Churning? Mouth drier than Ghandi’s flip-flops? and to add insult to injury, you have somewhere important to be don’t you?

Well fear not my friends! I have found some tips to help hide that hangover! 


1. Get Rid of Eye Puffiness.

Puffy eyes are usually the most common problem for people while battling a hangover. They should also be top priority when you wake up first thing in the morning. The creams offer brown algae and caffeine ingredients to get rid of the swollen appearance. Spoons, cold tea bags and cucumber slices will also help to get rid of this look. Do not put ice directly onto skin because extreme coldness can result in the skin being red.

2. Make sure to use the right concealer.

Even if you moisturise correctly you need an adequate primer which is very effective in covering up a hangover. Use one that has light diffusing particles that will provide you with a healthy glow but will also offer a light texture. It is the best to pick one that was created especially for the area that is under your eyes. Do not choose a strong one that is used to simply cake over blemishes.

3. Eye makeup makes a huge difference.

Eyelash curlers will help you to be awake but before reaching for black mascara consider something else. The most flattering eyes shadows are the nudes, browns and beiges. Even a nude eyeliner will help – although, you should not use anything white that could make your eyes look worse. Finish off the eye makeup with brown or navy blue mascara which will hide the hangover and make the look very natural.

4. Cheeks are important!

Wearing blush on your cheeks will give them a very gentle glow. You can try to mix up a small amount of illuminating power along with primer. Putting on the blush before you apply the foundation is an easy way to get a look that is more natural. If you opt out to use a tinted moisturizer then you can hide some paleness that may result from a hangover.

5. Stress the lips.

If you use a special moisturising lipstick it is the best way to go. It is not a good thing to use dark colors for both your eyes and your lips. Stay away from any vivid colors – choose one that doesn’t pop too much and then use a glossy finish in order to enhance your ‘glow.’

All of these things will help to get rid of a hangover, or at least eliminate the look of one. Drinking a lot of water will also help to get rid of the bodily dehydration. Alcohol de-hydrates the body and that can result in bigger eye bags or a puffy appearance. Taking a hot shower may also help to open up your pores and get the alcohol out.

In future why not be prepared and read Hello Morning After! Hangover Cures From The Experts!


Pink, Pink, Makes Us Girls Wink ;) The Amazing Pink Lake! WOW

Lake Retba

I HAD to share this beautypink lakepink lake 2

Lake Retba, Senegal or as the French refer to it Lac Rose, is pinker than any milkshake you’ve ever come face to straw with. Experts say the lake gives off its pink hue due to a harmless bacteria found in the water. Lake Retba also has a high salt content, much like that of the Dead Sea, allowing people to float effortlessly in the massive pink water.

More Great Reasons To Travel.. (Like We Need Them!)

More Great Reasons To Travel.. (Like We Need Them!)

Luckily for me I feel well-travelled, I have visited more than 20 different countries, in more than 40 trips including Europe, Dominican Republic, Cuba,  Thailand, Sri Lanka & more… I have a few more planned this year alone. My daughter has visited 9 countries and she is 7, and obviously has more booked too. I know this is a drop in the ocean when it comes to the whole wide world we live in, but I have spoken to people lately that have never had the opportunity to leave their hometown in there whole lives, which made me feel very grateful. So In my opinion we are lucky to be able to get the opportunity to experience different ways of life, tasting different foods, meeting people of other cultures and religions.

map visited
My Map.

Another advantage with traveling is that it gives you the experiences and skills which will be of great use in your life & career

Here are 3 advantages of travelling that you will use whilst away &  be able to put into practise on your return...

Communication and Social Skills

One important life skill is being able to communicate effectively. This is often seen or experienced when vacationing at countries where other languages other than English are spoken. Being in an environment like that encourages you to learn and improve your communication to get whatever you want/need.

Skills for Stress Management

Making round-the-world trips or having adventures to exotic places helps you to mingle with others, therefore eliminating any kind of stress you are presently going through. Being in another environment helps you to approach life’s issues differently from the way you would have behaved when at home, and with time, your skills for stress management builds up, which will definitely be brought into your life and career when you return.

Self-awareness And Management

One other advantage of traveling is that you have time to think and connect with yourself. It helps you to re-examine yourself and understand what you have for yourself as the goals in life, and this is why some people see it as a time of spiritual revival.

Some other benefits of traveling are problem solving, visualization, creative thinking, adaptability and ability to learn new languages, and to experience any of these, it is necessary to have an open mind when on the trip