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How To Make Sweet Trees

How to make Sweet Trees

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What you need

  •   Polystyrene balls
  •   Cellophane
  •   Wooden dowels
  •   A pot for each tree which you can decorate to tie in with your theme or colour scheme
  •   A glue gun
  •   Curling ribbon and bows
  •   A bag of plaster of Paris
  •   Tissue/Crepe Paper (colours to match the sweets)
  •   Cocktail Sticks


What to do

  • Cover the ball with a couple of sheets of tissue/crepe paper to match the style of sweets.


  • Decorate your dowel if necessary with crepe paper, ribbon or you can paint it the desired colour


  • Centre the end of the wooden dowel at one end of the ball. Push the dowel into the ball firmly. Do not push it all the way through, however push it far enough so that the weight of the sweets on the ball later will not cause it to fall off the dowel. You can also put some craft glue on the end of the dowel to ensure it stays in the polystyrene ball.


  • Make up the bag of plaster of Paris according to instructions. Fill up your pots to 3/4 full and leave to set for a couple of minutes, centre the other end of the dowel into the plaster and hold for a minute until it sets. This is the skeleton of your tree. Once the plaster sets you can cover it with either some moss or some crushed cellophane or material or crepe paper.


  • Add your sweets of choice by either sticking a toothpick into your sweet and then into your tree or by just using glue to hold them on if you are using a glue gun be careful as they get hot and you don’t want to burn yourself or, if you’re using chocolate, melt it! Fill in any gaps with or crushed crepe paper and tie on your pretty bow.


  • You could also use strawberries and other fruit which have to be attached with toothpicks but are really nice and different, you could make variations on these by first of all dipping them in chocolate or white chocolate and or dipping them in sprinkles.


Example Pricing: UK  (these prices vary depending on where you get them from and sizes, quantity etc)

5 Large Polystyrene balls                       £6.99    Dougarts – Ebay

5 Medium Polystyrene balls                   £4.99    Scotsman2777- Ebay

10 Small Polystyrene balls                     £8.49    Scotsman2777 – Ebay


8 12mm x 30cm Dowel (Large Tree)        £3.50 & £2.25 Darbysdiy- Ebay

8  9mm x 30 cm Dowel (Medium Tree)    £2.65 & 50p

12 6mm x 20 cm Dowel (Small Tree)       £2.65 & 50p

Postage discount is if bought together


Plaster Of Paris 500g                            £2.75 mister-crafts- Ebay

Cellophane 20 metres                            £5.65    j333young
Plus 20 metres of ribbon


Approx amounts of sweets on each tree:

Flying Saucers-

Small-   45

Med-     100

Large-   145


Med- 130

Large- 160

Fererro Rocher

Med- 45

Large- 65

Love Hearts

Med- 64 tubes


Med –  400g

Chocolate Eclair

Med – 75

Large – 120


Med- 100

Medium sized Toffees

Med- 70

Choc Football

Med- 600g

Until Next Time

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