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Tips For Work From Home Mums

Work from home mum’s

Many mum’s who work from home struggle with a lack of self-organisation.

 If you required help getting your life and time organised in order to be more productive, you can apply some of these hints and tips to improve your life and your income.

Do you feel that you are living in a chaos life? Do you feel that your time is not spent working effectively?

Organization Tips for Work from Home Mums:

 work home

Ÿ         Scheduling time for work.

Ÿ          If you are inconsistent with the time you put in to your work you will have very poor results. Increase your consistency and watch your profits climb. Make sure to schedule regular time for work.

Ÿ         Scheduling time for household management.

When your surroundings are not organized and there is always something calling for your attention before you can settle down to work, work will keep being put off for another time.

 Create a household maintenance schedule and be diligent in working your plan. Find peace as your home and work surroundings become more and more organised.

Ÿ         Scheduling time for relationships.

If all you ever do is work on your household chores or your business you will soon lose the satisfaction and the benefits of working from home – having time for family relationships. Keep your priorities in order and schedule adequate time to build relationships. Then you will not be interrupted with guilt when it is time to concentrate on business.

Ÿ         Keep your work space organised.

Be vigilant about keeping your immediate surroundings in order. This order generates calm, productivity and creativity; three very valuable tools for success.

Take some time daily to maintain order where you work.  Create a Inbox, Outbox & Pending file, file correctly when completed.
Create separate files for each aspect of your business. Keep Client, Customers & Employee’s details in files, along with all customer correspondence.

Ÿ         Keep your output organised.

Organise your working time. Work on the items of most importance first. Do not let the urgent steal your valuable work time.

Use Our Periodic activity work sheet to help keep up with the frequency of priority tasks and to keep book-keeping up to date.

Ÿ         Maintain your hard work.

Now that you’ve put all this effort into organising your surroundings, your work, your relationships and your productivity guard your efforts ruthlessly.

Do not let this calm slip away into chaos again.
Learn to keep your life organized. 

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