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Flattering Sex Positions And Tips For Fat Days! (We All Have Them)

Fat Days, unfortunately we all have them whether we’re a size 6 or 26!, but just because you’re  bloated or feeling self-conscious or you haven’t attended the gym enough this week,  doesn’t mean there has to be a no-sex rule!

There’s nothing that’s more of a mood-killer than being paranoid and struggling around trying to cover up your stomach or bickering about not having the lights on.

The first step to great sex is embracing your body and making use of it. If your partner is in bed with you, his main concern is going to be having sex with the beautiful woman in front of him!!

Here are a few positions to help you to fight the flab and feel great, leaving you to focus on having fun and not worrying about what you look like.


Missionary: Gravity is your friend in this case! Your stomach will automatically look flatter.

Tip:Make yourself look sexier by stretching your arms up over your head and grabbing onto the bedpost or by placing them flat on the wall behind the bed. It will make your stomach look flatter and your boobs perkier!

What is he seeing: He cannot even see your stomach if he is on top of you stomach-stomach and only a glimpse if he is kneeling a bit! He will get a good glimpse of your breasts, but will most likely be  looking into your eyes which makes for a very intimate time!

spooningDoggy Style: Rear entry positions are the most flattering, especially if your stomach is your least favourite part of yourself.

Tip: Arch your back a little and push your bum high in his direction, giving you a sexy feminine curve which he will find tantalizingly attractive! 

What he is seeing: He will only be able to see your bum, your thighs and your back. You could place  his hands on your hips to hold you steady while he thrusts, and you’ve also solved the wandering hands problem.

doggy style

Spooning: Spooning is among the best  positions to hide your stomach, your boobs and the front of your body

Tip: Lift your bum to allow him to penetrate, and tighten your thighs for maximum friction while his hands reach around to stimulate your clitoris. 

What he is seeing: The front of your body is hidden, so he will only be able to see you from behind, and since his front will be to your back that wont be much! Make plenty of satisfied moans and groans and perhaps stick on a porn DVD to give you something to look at and create maximum arousal.

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