Boost Your Income

Start your Own Business, Ideas And Templates, Boost Your Income WIth No Experience And Little Cash

Since I was in Secondary School I always knew I would be self-employed, I just didn’t realise how much passion I would have about business. I have my ups and downs but have been pleased with what I have achieved so far against all odds, I didn’t finish school, left with no GCSE’s have had no higher education since apart from a Life Coaching Course which I decided not to take further.

But we all have to make a living somehow and I want to share a few easy ways to boost your income!

In the past I have tried a few different businesses including market trading, selling different items and even winning free trading space, NMTF membership & invited to parties at the houses of parliament through being shortlisted from thousands in a national competition! I also owned a very successful Domestic Cleaning Business which I recently sold on because I felt the time was right and I was ready to embark on an exciting new venture!

Throughout the years I have had many ideas, and done a lot of research and planning mainly because of my interest in how businesses work but I have also helped friends and family members set the wheels in motion for their new businesses. I’m a bit of a of a jack of all trades some might say.

So over the next few weeks I have decided to share a couple of ideas, the research I have done and kept and templates to help people set up their own business and get on the right track.

If you’re considering setting up a new business, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for so watch this space!

DISCLAIMER: The details , ideas and templates I share are the ones I have used myself and produced through research and collecting information from various sources over time.

Please be aware that information provided by this blog is subject to change. We recommend that you do not take any information held within as a definitive guide to the law or the relevant matter being discussed. You are advised to seek legal or professional advice where necessary rather than relying on the content supplied by the author of this blog.

Due to the nature of the matters discussed on this blog, the information contained within it and any pages linked to from it are clearly subject to change, without warning. The law, regulations and other forms of legal governance are constantly changing and adapting to meet the needs of the modern world and it is impossible to comprehensively detail the nature of such within the confines of a blog in a concise, up-to-date manner.

You will find links to guidance on what you need to do for tax and National Insurance purposes when you start-up a business as a self-employed person, a partnership or a limited company at , You will also find links to additional help and support HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) offer new businesses

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