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Feeling Saucy? 7 Hot Ideas To Spice Up Your Sex Life! (That’s One For Each Day!)


1. The Art Of  Anticipation

Send him messages via SMS or email (his personal email account, please) detailing what you’ve lined up for the evening

How? During the day while your partner is at work, drop him a text or phone call and tell him what your  going to do to him that night. He will be all pumped up – and you can be sure he will be back home on the dot.

2. Getting Visual

Men are visual creatures, Let yourself be seen.

How?  Put on smoky eye shadows and red lipstick and walk around in one of your sexy lingerie to get him in the mood, for example if he is glued to the football match on TV, start hoovering the room in your undies, and it will be 1-0 to you.

3. Tease, Tease, Tease

Play a game.

How? Try  touching each other all you  like, but your not allowed to touch yourself and not allowed to have sex. The first one to give in has to do what the other says. You bet you will be trying your best to bring the other down!

4, Bring Out Your Adventurous Side

Variety is the spice of (sex) life. Don’t stick to the same old routine everytime. Try new locations, new positions, new lingerie, new toys – anything to trigger intrigue and spark fresh excitement.

How? Perhaps you could experiment with digital cameras set on self-timers and video cams. The idea of another ‘eye’ watching you trysting in bed could make the sex twice as hot!


5. Explore Each Other’s Wildest Fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies. If you are comfortable, share your fantasies with your partner and encourage him to do the same. Acting on things that get him hot will have him begging for more.

How?  If you are both shy, instead of revealing your fantasies, we wrote down a list of things that we will not do. Meanwhile, you could be happily trying out stuff that are not in the list – and you will be able to tell which are the turn-ons from the reactions!

6. Raunchy Reading

Nuzzle up and read sex advice books or erotic literature together. You can update your lovemaking skills and discover each other’s sexual fantasies.

How? You may enjoy reading erotica online together. Find some where there are no pictures, so every fantasy is limited only by your imagination. You could agree on a ‘rule’ to finish at least five stories, so by the time your done reading you can’t keep your hands off each other!

7.  Sex & Shopping?.. The Wonderful World Of Adult Toys

             How?  Though you know all about the toys, You would be surprised at the arousal you could get just by looking at the displays..Treat yourself to something even as simple as  a vibrator, and  I bet you can’t  wait to get home to try it!

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