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I Have Done Something Amazing!… I Gave Blood

After finally recovering from my shocking hangover from NYE (vowing to never drink again of course) I decided to begin tying up some loose ends. So I swallowed my pride and I made a start on some ‘making up’ I ended a rift with an old friend, I held out my hand to a family member that I had drifted apart from and I learnt to accept a certain friend situation for what it is (after some serious thought and a blog post ; ). I suppose sometimes we have to be the ones to apologise or to forget even when we are not wrong,  but because we value our friendship’s more. I personally don’t like having bad feeling’s with people, so I feel relieved that I have done so 🙂

I also crossed a Priority off my to do list I GAVE BLOOD! and it feels great! I will also carry on donating. I realised recently when my Father needed a transfusion just how important it is to give blood, he needed a lot of blood and the heroes that donated it saved his life! If I could thank every one of them then I would send them that big Cuppa Soup Teddy to give each of them a big squeeze!!

Cuppa Soup’s ‘Hug In A Mug’ Teddy

It didn’t hurt me at all and once I was in the chair it took less than 5 minutes! Also being very English I was happy to get a free Cuppa Tea and Biccy’s afterwards.

So IF your feeling heroic PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take time out to register to give blood below

Give the gift of life!… DO IT NOW!! 

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