DIY Ombre & Dip Dye Tutorial! Simple Way To Get a Funky New Look For Less Than A Tenner!

DIY Ombre & Dip Dye Tutorial! Simple Way To Get a Funky New Look For Less Than A Tenner!

Things have been tough lately  And let’s face it, when a gal has a tough day, some hair therapy is usually in order! So I grabbed my best friend and persuaded her to let me loose on her locks! I found this photo tutorial and decided to share it with anyone who needs to leave the January Blues behind!  😀

**Heads up: I have only done this once before!  That’s my “I ain’t no pro, so do as I say at your own risk” disclaimer.**

My DIY tools: Clairol “Born Blonde”, an old tooth brush, precut tin foil and a bowl. Oh, and gloves… not seen here. I hear this is much easier with highlighting bleach kits so keep that in mind if you have darker hair than me.

My before hair. Not bad, but could be a lot more fun.  Definitely tired of the dull brownish blonde it’s become over the years.

Step One: Change into a shirt you don’t care about getting dye on and brush your hairs!

Step Two: Apply a pretty healthy dose of the dye about 3-4 inches up, depending on how long your hair is.  Use downward strokes with your brush. Set in tin foil and check regularly. I left it in for about 25 minutes before moving on to step 3. **One tip I learned is that when you’re doing it yourself, do NOT go above your shoulders. This leaves room for improvement.

Step three: Take the tips out of the foil and check your colour  When it’s about a shade and a half lighter, apply more dye further up your hair.  Be sure to fade it in nicely with your brush. Leave the older dye on your tips so it continues to lighten while you do the rest (unless you’ve gone too light, in which case just go ahead and rinse it off). I left this in for another 25 minutes. For a little extra fun, lighten up random strands around your head here and there.

Step Four: Rinse, wash and condition. Then wait approximately 10 years for your hair to dry before you can take a picture of it. GRUMBLE!

As e were feeling really adventurous we decided to add some colour! So only lightening the hair once, then washing it off and drying the ends we then added a LIVE : ULTRA BRIGHT in HOT PINK to create a dip dye effect!

This is the result, it looks more red than pink but we are really happy with the result!


I hope you enjoyed this! If you’re thinking of dying your hair and going for something fun, this is a really low maintenance, low hassle way of getting a really fun look. I HIGHLY recommend it 😀

Simple, Cheap and Free,Romantic Valentines Day Ideas to Woo Your Loved One…

Simple, Cheap and Free,Romantic Valentines Day Ideas to Woo Your Loved One…

With everyone tightening there belts at the moment , it means that we can’t splash out on expensive items & goodies for our other halves as much as we would like. But that doesn’t mean it cant be just as special! in fact, most people would prefer a handmade, straight from the heart gesture more than a bunch of expensive roses or a pair of cuff links!

Here are a few Ideas for a thrifty Valentines Day to make your partners heart melt!

Start With Breakfast:

Toasted Eggy Love

  1. Use a heart shaped pastry cutter or a knife to cut out a shape in the middle of a slice of bread.
  2.  Toast the heart shaped bit from the middle.
  3. Heat a bit of butter in a frying pan, on medium heat
  4. When it’s melted and hot put the slice of bread with the hole into the pan and let it cook…

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Packing & Travelling With Kids..The Ultimate Guide….Are We There Yet?

Packing & Travelling With Kids..The Ultimate Guide….Are We There Yet?

When enduring a long journey with kids we tend to get a little stressed (Or I do anyway!)  so I have searched the web and put together a few of ideas on how to make the journey as pleasant as possible, and keep the  ‘Are We There Yet?’ questions to a minimum!

When holidaying with the kids, it’s essential to pack as lightly as possible. This way you’ll have spare hands to carry the suitcases, push the buggy and hold you’re little ones hand all at the same time!

Take clothing that is easy to wash and doesn’t get too creased. If you’re going somewhere with washing facilities, that’s great – you can keep your packing to a minimum. If not, it’s always worth taking some handwash with you just in case!

As any seasoned traveller with kids will tell you it’s also vital to make sure you pack various bits and bobs to entertain the children while on the road or in the air.

travel 2

When your flight’s been delayed or you’re stuck on the motorway you’ll be grateful you remembered some of  the following:

  • Paper pads and crayons
  • Mp3 Player
  • Books (including puzzle books)
  • Small toys
  • Electronic interactive gamesannoying for the adults but keeps children entertained for ages.
  • Travel games – Connect 4, draughts, Mastermind, etc.
  • Play dough – great on train journey

There are a couple other  cool ideas you could do to keep your kiddies entertained throughout.

  • Give them a Camera- (a child friendly one) this will give them time to take in their surroundings leaving you to do the same.
  • Be App-y – Thanks to toddler-friendly apps, there’s no need to cram the whole toy box into your hand luggage when travelling by plane
  • Encourage them to keep a travel journal- For the older children

For very long haul trips it’s a good idea to buy a few cheap ‘pocket money’ toys from the local toyshop before you leave. Wrap them up and pop them into your hold luggage so you can introduce a new ‘present’ for your child to open at intervals during the flight – hopefully the novelty of something to open and a new toy to play with will keep them entertained for a good portion of your flight!

And remember: there is no wrath quite like that of a child whose parent has forgotten their favourite soft toy! If your child has a special toy they really like to have with them at night be sure to pack it – it will help them settle to sleep on long flights and comfort them in unfamiliar hotel beds. Some children also like to have familiar smells around them so you could pack a couple of pillowcases from home to use in the hotel, too.

Try these Games on the road:

I Spy: The classic.

Guess the Animal: Someone thinks of an animal, others ask questions about that animal – can it fly? is it wild? To which the person can only answer yes or no. Or the person describes the animal and everyone else has to guess what it is.

Spotter’s Badge: Everybody has to look out for a certain list of objects. The most common ones (blue signs on a motorway, silver cars) get 2 points, then the more infrequent (caravans, pylons) get 5 points etc..

The Alphabet Game: Think of an easy category (like names, or places or animals) and then find a word for every letter of the alphabet. For example, if it was names, the first person might say Anna, the second Bill, and so on.

Word Association: Be as free as you like. The first person says apple, second person says banana, third person says monkey, etc. You can also play a version where you have to try to work back to the first word.

Just A Minute: Just like the Radio 4 quiz game. Talk for one minute with no hesitation, deviation or repetition. Children are surprisingly good at this.

Sausages: One person has to answer people’s questions answering only with the word ‘sausages’. Everyone has to think of the silliest questions they can ask to try to make that person laugh or smile when they say it. If they do, they are no longer it, and the person who asked the question takes over.

The Pub Game: look for pub signs and see how long it takes you to collect 5 heads, 10 arms and 20 legs. To do this, you simply count the number of legs and arms depicted on the pub sign, or in the name: ie, the Queen’s Head; the Phoenix and Falcon (4 legs) etc.

The Number Plate Game: look at the nearest number plate for the first group of three letters. The first letter is the initial of the person’s name; the second is where they come from, and the third is the job they do..

The No ‘yeses’ or ‘nos’ Game: You ask one person questions to which they can answer anything except yes or no. If they say yes or no they are out and it’s someone else’s turn. (What’s your name? Anna. Are you sure?)


travel 1

Travelling with kids doesn’t need to be too stressful, here are some more useful tips:

  • For going absolutely anywhere, even on a short trip, you could keep a small bag (not a big changing bag) with essential bits at all times: a calpol sachet, a couple of wipes, a nappy, some kitchen towel, savlon, plasters and a plastic bag. If going by car, it can easily be left in your boot if not needed.
  • When you’re going on holiday, encourage your children to find out about where you’re going. Let everyone choose one activity or visit on the holiday.
  • Hang on to bits and pieces from the holiday as keepsakes: tickets, brochures, a couple of postcards etc. Might be good for your children to make something out of when they get home or Show & Tell at school or nursery.
  • If you’re going on holiday with another family, make sure you discuss the basics before you go – for example what everyone wants to do, whether you’ll all stick together each day or whether you’ll spend time doing things apart, what you’ll do for meals etc. You don’t want to fall out over a misunderstanding that could have been discussed beforehand.
  • For young children, even if they are generally good walkers, it’s often a good idea to still take a buggy.  It’s always useful for carrying your bags and is good if they need a rest or get tired in a restaurant.
  • If flying, check the latest restrictions on hand luggage before travelling. Regulations on carrying liquids etc can include baby foods, drinks and made up formula.
  • If going somewhere hot on holiday, make sure you children have enough drinks throughout the day. Children are particularly prone to dehydration and they often can’t tell if they are thirsty. If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you should also make sure you’re well hydrated.


Off On Your Jollies?.. Here Are Some Top Travelling and Packing Tips To Remember!

Off On Your Jollies?.. Here Are Some Top Travelling and Packing Tips To Remember!

ILOVE travelling and my next trip is in just 3 weeks YAYY
……So I have been looking for ways to make the journey as easy as possible and to make sure I have done all the important  things as I usually forget one (Or Three) of the essentials leaving me to deal with a disaster abroad!
I have compiled a list of the ‘Must Do’s’ for all you fellow traveller’s out there.

When you pack, make it the responsibility of one person, or make sure the divisions are absolutely clear – that way you won’t arrive at your destination with six bikinis but no knickers!

It’s a really good idea to keep a box to store all the small and essential items you take away with you – things such as medicines,  toothbrushes and paste, shampoo, etc.

It simplifies the packing process especially if it includes items that can’t be packed until the last moment (i.e.toothbrushes).

travel 1


As soon as you’ve washed and ironed holiday clothes put them away in the suitcase so that the family can’t get at them.

Stuff all shoes with socks.

Roll your clothes – they won’t get so creased.

If it’s likely to be cold, think in terms of layers, rather than everyone having one thick coat or jacket

If you can, pack your swimming stuff in your hand luggage if you’re going to a hotel. That way, you can go swimming if your rooms aren’t ready without having to rummage through suitcases.

Don’t forget hot weather essentials, such as sun hats and sunglasses.

For little ones and toddlers make sure you keep back a pair of pants to carry in hand luggage just in case of little accidents en route 

Toiletries & medicines

Hang on to those freebie hotel toiletries – very useful for short holidays. They’ll save you a fair bit of money and space in the suitcase.

Make sure you pack toiletries in a zip-up bag; the lids can pop off with the cabin pressure. 

Put your toiletries, perfume and bulk of your make-up in your suitcase as it may be confiscated if you put it in your hand baggage. Equally, sharp objects such as tweezers or nail scissors must be packed in your hold luggage.

Some medicine essentials include: plasters; digital thermometer (more accurate in a hot climate); insect repellent; re-hydration salts and diarrhea medicines; antiseptic cream for insect bites; antiseptic wipes; calpol; paracetamol

Other useful bits & bobs

Good quality sealable plastic bags. Useful if things spill or get dirty.

Clothes pegs come in handy for all sorts of things, such as creating darker curtains if necessary.

Some soap flakes or travel wash – useful if you run out of clean undies and you need to wash some in the sink!

Nail clippers – nails grow much faster in a warm climate, and short nails make it harder to scratch insect bites.

If you’re hiring a car abroad, don’t forget to take car sunshade and a child view mirror with you if you want one.

And finally…

It might be easier to actually buy some things abroad rather than take them with you: cheap towels; inflatable boats; toiletries etc. Also, remember to check your hand baggage size before you go. Each passenger can take on one piece of hand baggage but it mustn’t be any bigger than length of 56 cm, width of 45 cm and depth of 25 cm. Write your name and address on a sheet of paper and put it in your luggage. If the label comes off, it’s a fail-safe

The Important Stuff: Passports, health & travel Insurance and home security

passport_homeIt’s important to check all your important documents and book any insurance needed well in advance of you setting off on your jollies.

Check all your passports are valid and make a slightly reduced photocopy of your passport photo page and either get it laminated or put it in a small plastic wallet. This is accepted as an ID in the States.

Don’t forget to book travel insurance – be aware that travel insurance doesn’t always cover children with asthma or other conditions.

Check for this to make sure you purchase adequate cover. You’ll also need an EHIC card for each member of the family to cover you abroad – should a medical emergency occur.

It’s also a good idea to email yourself (or a friend) a copy of all the important information – airline numbers, credit card phone numbers, passport and driving licence numbers. That way if your documents and/or wallet is lost or stolen, all you need to do is log onto your email account to access all your details.

Keep your bag and money safe when you’re sleeping on a train or in a main ferry lounge.

Things to do before leaving home

  • Cancel newspapers
  • Cancel milk
  • Reprogramme heating
  • Empty fridge
  • Tell neighbours
  • Give out keys if necessary
  • Water plants
  • Sort out animals
  • Change fax paper
  • Do all washing
  • Empty the bins
  • Leave any contact numbers
  • Switch off gas, etc
  • Make sure bills are paid
  • Check all doors and windows are locked
Feeling Saucy? 7 Hot Ideas To Spice Up Your Sex Life! (That’s One For Each Day!)

Feeling Saucy? 7 Hot Ideas To Spice Up Your Sex Life! (That’s One For Each Day!)


1. The Art Of  Anticipation

Send him messages via SMS or email (his personal email account, please) detailing what you’ve lined up for the evening

How? During the day while your partner is at work, drop him a text or phone call and tell him what your  going to do to him that night. He will be all pumped up – and you can be sure he will be back home on the dot.

2. Getting Visual

Men are visual creatures, Let yourself be seen.

How?  Put on smoky eye shadows and red lipstick and walk around in one of your sexy lingerie to get him in the mood, for example if he is glued to the football match on TV, start hoovering the room in your undies, and it will be 1-0 to you.

3. Tease, Tease, Tease

Play a game.

How? Try  touching each other all you  like, but your not allowed to touch yourself and not allowed to have sex. The first one to give in has to do what the other says. You bet you will be trying your best to bring the other down!

4, Bring Out Your Adventurous Side

Variety is the spice of (sex) life. Don’t stick to the same old routine everytime. Try new locations, new positions, new lingerie, new toys – anything to trigger intrigue and spark fresh excitement.

How? Perhaps you could experiment with digital cameras set on self-timers and video cams. The idea of another ‘eye’ watching you trysting in bed could make the sex twice as hot!


5. Explore Each Other’s Wildest Fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies. If you are comfortable, share your fantasies with your partner and encourage him to do the same. Acting on things that get him hot will have him begging for more.

How?  If you are both shy, instead of revealing your fantasies, we wrote down a list of things that we will not do. Meanwhile, you could be happily trying out stuff that are not in the list – and you will be able to tell which are the turn-ons from the reactions!

6. Raunchy Reading

Nuzzle up and read sex advice books or erotic literature together. You can update your lovemaking skills and discover each other’s sexual fantasies.

How? You may enjoy reading erotica online together. Find some where there are no pictures, so every fantasy is limited only by your imagination. You could agree on a ‘rule’ to finish at least five stories, so by the time your done reading you can’t keep your hands off each other!

7.  Sex & Shopping?.. The Wonderful World Of Adult Toys

             How?  Though you know all about the toys, You would be surprised at the arousal you could get just by looking at the displays..Treat yourself to something even as simple as  a vibrator, and  I bet you can’t  wait to get home to try it!

hello clitty

Want More Ideas? 

Try These 100 Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Sex Life 

Advantages Of BPD . . . Lets Look At The Positives For A Change!

Advantages Of BPD . . . Lets Look At The Positives For A Change!

I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder for 3 years now, through all the suffering and the pain and the constant emotional battle, I rarely hear anyone saying anything positive regarding  BPD.

Although all of us have different traits and personalities, and traits of some borderlines with be the complete opposite of another…. but maybe we  aren’t like this for no reason?

What positive aspects can you pull from your BPD?

An animals ability to adapt to its environment is probably the single biggest factor in its survival. For me, aspects of BPD seem like they stem from a sort of ultra adaptability.

I am the type of person who can really do anything, and I usually do it pretty well.
I’ve worked so many different jobs, tried so many different hobbies, started so many different businesses and helped many others do the same. I feel like that is partly because I can constantly rebuild my self-image to suit whatever role is necessary.

Every person I talk to get a slightly different voice/persona, it’s always well adapted to the target and the result is always positive, I don’t fail interviews and my bosses/mentors are always pleased with my work and expect me to excel.

I am writing this post to prove it’s not all bad, its not all in the textbooks! There ARE advantages of having a mental illness such as BPD.


Here are a few that I for one am thankful for.

I am..

  • PASSIONATE: Extreme intensity of passion when I find something that interests me.
  • INDIVIDUAL: I  strongly cultivate my individualism and enjoy applying my abilities to new tasks.
  • SPONTANEOUS: ‘The Art of living in the moment’.. doing whatever it is I feel I want to do at that moment. Being Free.
  • CURIOUS: I’m curious about anything and everything, therefore taking more interest in people and in their interests.
  • INTENSE: Every moment of life is experienced at extreme intensity, experiencing life to the fullest with both the highs and the lows.
  • INSIGHTFUL: Since I have experienced so much pain in my past, I am able to draw on these experiences for the present moment via self-awareness, helping myself and others.
  • EMPATHETIC  & COMPASSIONATE: Empathy is the capacity to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings (such as sadness or happiness) that are being experienced by another. Some borderlines do not have any, I however have super empathy and can have a lot of compassion for those around me, whether I am feeling high or low.
  • CREATIVE: ‘ Having the ability to create’…This is one of my favourite Borderline Super Powers’  The  quote below is hanging in my kitchen (In a collage that I created)  that reminds me of the positive aspects of BPD when I’m struggling to see any

My creative gifts are worth the mental illness, I’ve suffered for them.  

bpd faces

So while this mercurial sense of self can be negative, and leads to BPD behaviours, it can also be a huge advantage.

As a Borderline, I  can be anything and everything I  want, most people can’t adapt like if you understand the content of this post,  maybe you could try to use this as an  advantage? Use your flexible self-image to rebuild yourself positively, rebuild a version of yourself that can’t be negative or sad, or self-pitying.

We are actually in much more control of our persona’s than most normals, they can’t recreate themselves so easily. We will undoubtedly fall apart after rebuilding ourselves, we need to just remember to keep rebuilding the same house, every time we do it, it will become stronger and stronger, and eventually…this will all be a thing of the past.

New Year, New You?…

New Year, New You?…

Attempting to keep fit, happy and healthy amidst the hum-drum of daily life can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’re a parent, but in reality, it’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our families.

If you need a little boost in the right direction, here’s some tips  to help  put a spring in your step over the coming year.

Exercise doesn’t have to be painful!

A couple cyclingDon’t make the mistake of thinking exercise has to be full-throttle and that to make a difference you have to be pounding the treadmill till you hurt all over. Be honest with yourself – if you really hate going to the gym, don’t take out costly membership again this year – find an alternative. Remember you should aim to fit in just 30 minutes a day of some kind of physical activity – this can even include doing the housework!

Find out about a range of exercise classes in your area – how about trying Zumba, Pilates or Yoga, for example. Or you could look at ways to make exercise more integral to the whole family’s lifestyle, by taking up walking or cycling.

Do something different – just for you

female choir

If you’re guilty of using any spare time you have to do housework, shopping or other tasks, make this year the year your resolve to set aside some time each week just for you. Ideally, remove yourself from distractions at home and ensure other family members know that this time out is non-negotiable. Why not use this time to try something new? Learning a new skill or rediscovering your love for something is good for the soul,and can boost self-esteem. Singing, for example, carries a whole raft of health benefits, keeping your heart healthy, reducing stress and increasing alertness.

Or you could lose yourself in something creative – jewellery making, flower arranging, cake decorating or drawing, for example, a great way to discover your hidden talents.

Friends are important

dating tips

Seeing each other for coffee or chatting on the phone is not a luxury – studies have proven that having a close circle of friends is good for your health. But the hectic pace of modern life, and the fact that many of us move around the country more frequently means it can be hard to stay in touch. Try and make time for that phone call or email, just to keep in touch and say ‘hi’.

Perhaps you and your girlfriends can set aside one day in the year for a girly get-together – try and arrange this in good time so everyone can make the necessary arrangements. You could hit a spa together, or meet up at a smart hotel or restaurant for a leisurely afternoon tea!

Give your wardrobe a work-out..

sales shopping

Capitalise on the January sales by doing a wardrobe audit and filling the gaps with some well-considered, bargain purchases. Sale shopping can be fashion minefield, so before you hit the shops have a long hard think about what you really need to update your wardrobe.

Well-cut, shape-flattering clothes have tranformative powers so start the year in style – find tips to help you make good purchases, whether you need to start from the foundations with some new bras, or you’re not sure how to dress for your body shape.

..And update your make-up and hair


Like figure-flattering clothes, well-chosen make-up and a good hair-cut can make a huge difference, and don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Many of us shy away from changing our look, but just a subtle revamp – say, cutting a wispy fringe into your hair, or swapping poker-straight locks for gently tousled – can ‘re-energise’ your look. You can get both salon-style and real-life hair inspiration in my easy everyday hairstyle anyone can achieve, or  browse  through my hairstyle category for styles and get ideas before you hit the salon.

We also have fab beauty tips & posts packed with expert tips and advice to help you achieve a polished look – and you don’t have to have endless amounts of time or technical know-how to do so. If personal grooming is a luxury you’re not sure you can afford, be sure to sign up to your local Groupon for fantastic beauty offers from salons near you!

Give running a go

women running

The pros: it’s free, it’s convenient, and you get some fresh air while getting a fantastic workout.

The cons: for running ‘virgins’ this activity can seem a bit scary and many people worry they won’t be able to do it. The key to running is to build up slowly

Alternatively there may be a Ladies running club in your area, a good way to keep your motivation going and to meet other amateur runners – check your local listings to see what’s available.

Don’t let life pass you by

happy woman

Easier said than done, we know, but try and avoid getting into a rut, which can be demoralising and sap your energy.  Procrastination is something we’re all guilty of, but grab the bull by the horns when you can – book that bargain weekend away with the kids, do something spontaneous from time to time, change your daily routine (even if it’s just walking home from school a different way), take up that offer of babysitting so you and your partner can go to the cinema and watch that film you’ve been dying to see, spice up your love life with your partner and try out these 100 sex positions or The Frisky Girls to do list.

Sometimes it’s good to ‘feel the fear’ and do something that you’d normally say no to – attending a job interview, putting yourself forward as class rep or hitting the rollercoasters at Alton Towers!  You’ll rarely regret these life experiences.

Single?? …Have a go at the Single Girls To Do List