Home Organisation

Keeping Your Bathroom Organised


The first step toward achieving an organized bathroom is to remove the clutter.

This includes checking the medicine cabinet, linen closet, vanity cabinet and drawers and any other storage spaces you have in your bathroom.

Here is what you need to do:
Remove any items that do not belong in your bathroom. Put these items in the room where they belong.
get rid of any unwanted items from your bathroom and into their correct places

Dispose of expired medications. Contact your local pharmacy to find out how to properly dispose of the specific medications you have.
Dispose of old, unused or no longer wanted person items such as perfumes, make-up, moisturizers, etc.

Once your Bathroom has had a Thorough Clean, Be sure that you keep organization in mind when you are deciding where to put the items you keep in your bathroom. Use these guidelines.

The Medicine Cabinet
Since a medicine cabinet is typically limited in space, but very easy to get to, it should be reserved for items that are used very frequently.

The Vanity
Hairbrushes, Straightners and blow dryers fit nicely into most vanity drawers. Since these drawers are also easily accessible you should use them to store items that you use frequently.
Vanity cabinets are perfect for larger items such as extra towels and toiletries such as extra shampoo bottles or to keep your wastebasket out of sight. Place less frequently used items toward the back of the cabinet and more frequently used items in front.

The Linen Closet
If you are fortunate enough to have a linen closet in or near your bathroom, storage should never be an issue. Everything you need can be stored in a linen closet and it can all be easily accessible if you take the time to organize it.
Fold towels neatly on one shelf. Place supplies such as extra toilet paper and facial tissues on another. Use plastic totes to contain medicines, make-up and cleansers. Place more frequently used items in front and lesser used items in back.

Keep Your Bathroom Well Stocked
Keep your bathroom filled with the items required for that bathroom’s use. Make a note of what you may require to add to your ‘shopping essentials list’
a supply of toilet tissue, facial tissue and hand soap, require shampoo, conditioner, bath towels, washcloths and other toiletries used in your daily routine.
It is much easier to replace used supplies with fresh ones if the supplies are right there in the room and easy to grab. So as you are organizing your bathroom, be sure to find an appropriate home for the necessary supply stock.
Now that you have learned how to organize a bathroom, it will be much easier and you will spend less time cleaning.

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