Looking Good

How To Cover Up Those Pesky Under Eye Circles/ Eye Bags / Tired Eyes

If I could choose one piece of makeup to have with me at all times, it’d be concealer. I have hereditary under eye circles, which I always cover to brighten up my face. Many people struggle with covering their under eye circles, or “bags”. Follow these tips, which work like acharm for me when covering those pesky circles.

  1. First, choose a shade of concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation and skin tone. This is so that instead of just concealing your bags, you’re brightening as well.
  2. Pat the concealer with your ring finger in small dots around the eyes.
  3. Gently pat the concealer into your skin until it disappears, make sure to get the inner corner of the eyes, the rim of the eyes, and just beneath the eyes where the circles begin.
  4. Apply the concealer onto your eyelids to even out the look, and enhance the brightening effect of the concealer. Set the concealer with powder both under the eyes and above to ensure long wearing makeup. Once you put your foundation on, it will even out the look of the concealer, and look more natural when it is all set and powdered.

–  Thanks to Kiara Aguillion 🙂 

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