Trend to try: Hair Bows

Trend to try: Hair Bows

Fabulously Disheveled

Hello loves!

Being the fashionista that I am constantly reading fashion magazines, fashion blogs and paying attention to the trends people are wearing on the street in everyday life. One of the trends I am absolutely loving right now is the hair bow trend. Yes, you read that correctly… I said hair bows. Ladies, bows are no longer just for little girls anymore! They’re making a splash in the adult fashion pond. Add instant flair to any hair style by adding a bow whether you choose a big, small, ribbon, leather, or glittery bow.

This trend is ultra feminine and definitely fun. To keep it from looking too little girlish stick with neutral and classic shades that will instantly give a chic and sophisticated edge to your hair style.

Do you like the hair bow trend? Will you be trying this trend? 


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Handy Back To School Tips For Mum’s

Handy Back To School Tips For Mum’s


Here’s a handy checklist for you Mum’s of the things you are likely to need  – and some extra tips to make life easier. Whether you’re packing your child off to school for the first time or have been through the beginning of term many times I  hope these tips take away some of the stress!

Having got all the equipment, you might then need to think about the food you need if your children take a packed lunch to school.

Uniform checklist

  • 4 shirts or polo shirts
  • Boys – 2 pairs of trousers, 1 pair shorts
  • Belt if needed
  • Girls – 2 pinafores / skirts and 1 pair trousers
  • Jumpers – 1 with a logo on and 1 plain for spare (if children are young, you might want an extra one)
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Lightweight waterproof coat (foldable)
  • Coat
  • Summer hat
  • Woolly hat and gloves

For some schools you might also need…

  • Tie
  • Blazer
  • Fleece
  • Dinner tabard
  • Painting tabard

image of line

PE checklist

  • Gym bag
  • Plimsolls
  • Shorts
  • T-shirt (check your uniform guide for colours)
  • Pair of socks (especially for girls who might be wearing tights that day)
  • Swimming kit or other sports kit (in some schools)

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Extras checklist

  • Name labels
  • Book bag (usually sold by the school)
  • Lunch box or bag
  • Small water bottle for lunch
  • Water bottle for daytime (schools may provide this and some might not use them yet)
  • Pencil case with pencil, pen (school might specify the type), coloured crayons, ruler, pencil sharpener, rubber
  • Music bag / musical instruments eg recorder, violin
  • Rucksack to carry it all in!

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Handy Tips

Easy-iron trousers and shirts work well, so they save on the amount of ironing each weekend!

Many schools allow children to wear polo shirts. If your child needs to wear a proper shirt, the short sleeved ones can be easier for little children to get on and off.

If you have a choice of white or coloured polo shirts, and are not too fanatical about washing, the coloured ones look cleaner for longer!

Younger boys sometimes like to wear shorts (if the weather is still warm enough). If you can’t find any to buy, you could cut down an outgrown pair of trousers and hem them.

For younger girls, on winter days when they have PE, giving them trousers to wear avoids the problem of them trying to put their tights on without assistance!

Find out if your school runs a ‘swap shop’ or second hand sales – a great way to pick up cheaper clothing.

If you want to use proper name labels, it’s worth ordering them early on.

If you can’t be bothered with sewing, or find that iron-on ones are temperamental, then just use a marker pen on the inside of the clothing. Biro will usually work for a while but tends to wash out. Laundry markers or even CD markers work well.


The Effects Of Drinking 8 Glasses of Wonderful Water A Day

The Effects Of Drinking 8 Glasses of Wonderful Water A Day

 It is super important for all of us to ensure that we are drinking our eight glasses of water per day. Although this seems like so much, it’s important to understand why we need so much water each day, and that there are definitely great benefits to drinking water that every one should know about, and take into consideration!

Water works wonders, not only does it increase fat burning and reduce your cravings, but it also gives you more energy, and healthier skin! It’s almost as if water is the only medicine we’ll ever need, right?

The question is how does water do all this! It has been proven that the less water you drink, the faster fat deposits will increase. What this means is that water is ultimately suppressing your appetite in a natural manner while helping your body metabolize stored fat. It’s also a great replacement for snacking on those chips that your girlfriends just brought outside while you soak up the sun!

Water is wonderful for our energy system in so many ways. A mild dehydration can sap all of your energy and make you feel extremely tired. The minute you start thinking that you’re thirsty; you’re already sort of dehydrated because the thirst will only lead your muscles to weaken, and you may become dizzy and fatigued.

Lastly, water is a great foundation! How so? It is the best way for your skin to remain hydrated and healthy! Drinking water helps to clear up skin as well as give your skin a glow that you will notice! Although this doesn’t happen overnight, so much as we’d love it to, it’s important to keep drinking the water in order for your skin to show some results.

There are only so many different ways for you to take care of yourself! Let the first step be right here, right now – go to your kitchen and get a glass water, even if it’s your first or 10th of the day. You know you want to!

Tips For The Older Woman: How to Appear Younger

Tips For The Older Woman: How to Appear Younger

1. Keep your hair between your chin and your shoulders. Side-swept fringe and hair no longer than your shoulders will take off years. “Shoulder length hairstyles are the most flattering on everyone” says Beauty editor Linda Wells ” When I look around, Everyone in my office has shoulder length hair”

2. Wrong lipstick shades can age you Another trick to looking younger is to steer clear of brown lipstick shades. Avoid matte lipstick as they tend to settle into your lip lines. Instead, try creamier lipsticks or glosses. (Glosses are especially youthful and make your lips appear bee-stung).

3. Stick to creamy blushes and shadows Older skin usually means dry skin, so creamy blushes and shadows are your best bet. Also, powder blushes and shadows tend to settle into your fine lines and wrinkles, while creamier products “plump” up your skin.

4. Define those eyes Curled lashes immediately make eyes “pop.” One tip I love I learned from the editors of Allure: You can curl your lashes AFTER mascara application, just make sure the mascara has dried. I find lining my eyes helps make my somewhat tiny eyes look 10 times larger. I rarely leave the house now without mascara.
5. Don’t overpluck Once you hit your 30s, you’ll want to be careful not to overpluck your eyebrows since brows are less apt to grow back if you excessively pluck.

6. Try teeth whitening Over time, teeth may yellow from coffee, tea or red wine stains. You can whiten teeth quickly with over th counter products such as Crest Whitestrips.

7. Stand up straight. Think about all the sexy women you know. They stand up straight and confidently. Not only will this make you look ten pounds thinner in seconds, it will make you look five years younger as well.

8. Get a good night’s sleep Few things age you overnight more than a poor night’s sleep. Your eyes are puffy, your skin sallow and dull and your face sags.
9.Get rid of Tired Eyes Read my post How To Cover Up Those Pesky Under Eye Circles/ Eye Bags / Tired Eyes

How To Prevent Naysayers Ruining Your Dreams; (Negative / Un-supportive People & How To Deal With Them)

How To Prevent Naysayers Ruining Your Dreams; (Negative / Un-supportive People & How To Deal With Them)

I stumbled across this fantastic blog post whilst looking into the effects that negative people can have in your life, I am going through one hell of a roller coaster at the minute and the time has come to leave behind negative people and ignore negative  comments in order to carry on reaching for my dreams that had been forgotten and put aside whilst  I was on a downward spiral and close to losing myself and being led down the same path as my ‘friends’. There’s a favourite quote of mine its ‘Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, just be sure you are not just, in fact, surrounded by assholes’ This post talks about those people and how to deal with them. I hope it helps you as much as it did me.

‘Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.’
~ W. Gibson.

Have you ever shared your dream with someone, only to have them stomp on it with a few unsupportive words?

‘I’ve been thinking about writing a book, and—’

‘It’s really hard to get published, you know.’

There’s a breed of control freaks who quietly lurk, ready to attack your precious, vulnerable ideas as soon as you share them with the world. These people are known as naysayers, non-supporters, dream killers, or just plain assholes.

You’ll find them in the workplace, in social circles, in the family, or in your marital bed. It could be your boss, your pal, your parents, your husband or wife, your neighbor, your neighbor’s mother’s husband …

Regardless of where you encounter them, naysayers all have the same toxic tendency: they get off on popping bubbles, raining on parades, throwing wet blankets on ambitions, and farting on dreams. “What’s that? You want to travel around the world?” Brruuuub! 

How to recognize a naysayer

This is usually how it unfolds: you dream up a plan that excites you to the core of your being. It may be an adventure, a new career path, an artistic pursuit, or a crazy invention to rival Velcro. Hopefully it’s involves a plan more inspired than quitting your job to sit at home in your robe growing out your facial hair, while watching soaps day long (in lieu of using soaps). If that is your ambition, you’re not dealing with naysayers, you’re dealing with sane people.  Get Help

But if you have a solid, well-considered life dream that you’re driven to accomplish, you’ll probably want to share it with friends, family and co-workers. You’ll want to come out of the closet with your grandiose dream. Some will pat you on the back and say, “GO FOR IT,” but there’s always one person who gets off on taking a dump in your happiness sandwich.

Common remarks from naysayers:

You might receive ’helpful advice’ along the lines of: ‘I know someone else who tried that and it didn’t work out for them.’

Your confidence will be attacked with: ‘Are you sure you’re qualified?’

Naysayers love to highlight the impracticalities of your dream, “You can’t make any money doing that.”

Or, they’ll call upon ‘normal people’ as the basis for their argument, pointing out how you’re destined for failure because you’re not acting like one of them. ‘Normal people usually just get a real job,’ or, ‘This isn’t what normal people do.’

There’s an easy way to know if you’re dealing with a naysayer. When their mouth opens up and words come out, does it:

1. Make your heart happy? 

If your answer is yes, you’re being lovingly supported.

2. Make your feel like your guts have just been through a meat mincer?

If your answer is yes, you’ve been naybashed by an asshole.

The psychology of an asshole

Most often, naysayers have not fulfilled their own dreams. They don’t live an inspired existence because they’re too busy living in fear. Maybe they made the mistake of listening to their own naysayers, and they’re just parroting words that have kept them down their whole life? Perhaps they believe that life is all about living inside a fantasyland called Normalville, where regular people populate the average town of Mediocrity, sipping on lukewarm cups of boring?

Chances are, they’re just scared. Fear of loss, fear of being alone, fear of change, fear of being insignificant, fear of death or injury, fear of being judged. Your wild ambitions threaten the naysayer. He/she likes to keep life safe, simple and predictable, and by pissing in your party hat, they’re hoping to keep you small and easy to manage. Your goal threatens to throw out the equilibrium of his/her universe. But the naysayer is out of luck because the entire universe doesn’t actually belong to them (as much as they like to believe that it does).

Cross-section of a naysayer’s brain.

How to deal with a naysayer

Talk it out

If the negative comments are coming from a person you care deeply about, see what you can do to talk it through. Ask them what their concerns are and, without judgement, address them one by one. Don’t let it escalate into an argument—stay calm. Comfort them through their fears, while peacefully standing your ground. This is your life, your journey and your happiness, so own it and make it clear that you won’t sway from your dream. Negotiate and compromise if possible, but make sure you leave the conversation with your heart fluttering. If you come away from the conversation feeling heavy and sad, you’ve just been naybashed once again. Perhaps it’s time to consider therapy?


If the criticism is coming from your family, or a dear old friend, it may be best to simply block it out. Have confidence in your plans, and refuse to hear their crap. Locate your internal switch called GIVE A SHIT and simply flick it over from DO to DON’T.

Sever ties

Perhaps the naysayer is a friend or partner who never supports your dreams? If you find yourself in a relationship with a toxic person who continually tears holes in your ambitions, it may be best to cut off the relationship. Choose to surround yourself with people who make you want to break out into a happy dance. Align with people who blow air into your balloon, rather than the pricks.

Sharpen your swords and get ready for some nayslaying, because:

Have you had any experiences with naysayers? Have your dreams been naybashed? What did you do to cope? What advice would you give to people who are not being supported?


How To Cover Up Those Pesky Under Eye Circles/ Eye Bags / Tired Eyes

If I could choose one piece of makeup to have with me at all times, it’d be concealer. I have hereditary under eye circles, which I always cover to brighten up my face. Many people struggle with covering their under eye circles, or “bags”. Follow these tips, which work like acharm for me when covering those pesky circles.

  1. First, choose a shade of concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation and skin tone. This is so that instead of just concealing your bags, you’re brightening as well.
  2. Pat the concealer with your ring finger in small dots around the eyes.
  3. Gently pat the concealer into your skin until it disappears, make sure to get the inner corner of the eyes, the rim of the eyes, and just beneath the eyes where the circles begin.
  4. Apply the concealer onto your eyelids to even out the look, and enhance the brightening effect of the concealer. Set the concealer with powder both under the eyes and above to ensure long wearing makeup. Once you put your foundation on, it will even out the look of the concealer, and look more natural when it is all set and powdered.

–  Thanks to Kiara Aguillion 🙂 


Pussy Galore?

I was sent this picture by my sister and couldn’t stop laughing, this is just like my house so I thought I’d share the story….

I am not an animal lover, in fact I cant bare them.. don’t get me wrong  I would hate to see an animal hurt.. I just don’t want them near me :/ …..SO when I moved into my flat I wasn’t expecting so many unwelcome visitors!

The neighbours cats are always coming in my flat, I just cant keep them out!, a few weeks ago I walked into my front room and was faced by a humongous  cat..we both froze in fear, having a ‘Stare out’ wondering who was going to make the first move until it eventually ran out…another time I was in my bedroom and seen something black moving under the bed I was screaming and trying to get it out, and when I got it out to my horror it had no tail (So I’m left hoping ts not came off under my bed)

But by far the worse event was when I was sitting on my sofa minding my own business reading a book..and a huge fluffy German Shepard came booming up the stairs and jumped on my knee, I just curled up in a ball until the owner then followed it up the stairs apologising and had to get it off me while I am still curled in my ball, on my sofa, Mortified.

I’m starting to feel a bit like Noah.

So last week I  bought Emily a Trampoline with enclosure, she went to play on it yesterday and surprise, surprise was greeted by 2 pesky cats who wouldn’t budge! I think it’s time to take some action…

I’m going to try some Pest Shield animal repellent, see if I can keep them at bay, and apparently they don’t like citrus so orange peels and stuff may work… but please get in touch if you have any more tips!