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Want to lose weight? Want to eat unlimited amounts of pasta, potatoes,meat etc? Try Slimming World for free with my plan.

I have been yo-yo dieting for years, and struggle with my love of food! but theres one diet that stands out for me, a diet that I lost 2 stone on at one point, if you stick to it it WILL work for you!

It is soo popular and the fact that its a household name proves that! there are so many lives changed by adapting thier lifestyles to the Slimming World plan its unbelievable!…

..The reason its so hard to believe? You can eat unlimited Pasta, Meat, Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruit…YES Unlimited!!

I am more determined now than ever to get back to a healthy lifestyle and shift the excess baggage! so I have put together my very own Custom Slimming World Plan with meal suggestions and I thought I’d share it with you to give you a better idea of what you can eat and how simple it can be to make better lifestyle choices for yourself.


I will be doing the Extra Easy plan:

 You can eat as much Free food as you like! Free foods include potatoes, pasta,fish, meat,eggs & most vegetables and fruit – no weighing, no measuring, no counting, no kidding!

You get 15 Syns Per Day. ( Food that’s not Free food has a syn value) 

2 Healthy Extras per day 1 A Choice & 1 B Choice.

1 a Choice = 28g cheese or 350ml Skimmed Milk. 

1 B Choice = 2 Slices Nible/ Wholemeal Bread Or 42g Bran Falkes / 28g  Shredded Wheat or 2 Weetabix.
**Syns, Syn Values, Free Foods, Healthy Extras & other food information can be found with ease Online, at Slimming World or through various blogs searches on the internet! There are many many options & everything has a syn value! No food is banned! Enjoy your favourite treats every day and still lose weight.
*Invest in some Fry Light, you can use as much as you want, it frys food without fat*
Breakfast: Bran Flakes (B Choice)  with Milk (A Choice)
Lunch: Sandwich : Brown Bread (B Choice)  Ham with Fruit ,Muller Light Yogurt  (Free Food)
Dinner: Grilled Slimming World burger (1/2 Syn from Butchers) 100g Frozen Chips (3 1/2 Syns) Tinned Spaghetti (Free Food)
Supper: Options Hot Choc (2 Syns)
Breakfast: Egg on Toast (B Choice) . Scrambled/ Fried with Fry Light or poached
Lunch: Asda Beef Madras Tinned Curry (2.5 syns)   & Rice
Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese.  Mince, Pasatta, Mushrooms, Tomatoes & Onions.
Supper:  Options Hot Choc (2 Syns)
Breakfast: Bacon Sandwich (B Choice)
Lunch: Pasta, Tomatoes, Cheese (small portion A Choice) & Beans
Dinner: Steak, Mushrooms, Onions (Fried in fry Light) and Frozen Chips (100g 3 1/2 syns)
Breakfast: Fruit & Muller Light Yogurt
Lunch: Jacket Potatoes, Chilli Con Carne (Asda Smartprice 1 1/2 Syns)
Dinner: Pasta, Tuna, Extra  Light Mayo (1/2 syns for a level tbsp)  Sweetcorn?
Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Beans, Mushrooms
Lunch: Stir Fry. Egg Noodles, Seafood, Stir fry Vegetables, Soy Sauce. (Fry Light)
Dinner: Chilli Con Carne (Asda Smartprice 1 1/2 Syns) & Rice
Breakfast: Bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, musrooms
Lunch: Sandwich, (Bread B Choice) Crisps (French fries 4 1/2 Syns), Lettuce, Extra Light Mayo (1/2 syns for a level tbsp)
Dinner:  Chinese Takeaway , Chicken Chow Mein (7 Syns) Boiled Rice- 0 Syns
Breakfast: Sausages (Slimming world from special Butchers 3 @ 1/2 syn) , Bacon, Eggs, Tomatoes, Mushrooms
(Or Reduced Fat Sausages (Cumberland/Lincolnshire) 1 syn each Grilled)
Lunch: Batchelors Pasta & Sauce (Free Food)
Dinner: (Sunday Roast) Meat, Veg, Mash, 1 Yorkshire Pudding (3 Syns)
Other Ideas, Menus etc

Bacon Sandwich 
Bread- B choice

Bran Flakes
Milk- A Choice

Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms, Beans/Spaghetti, Sausages
Bread-B Choice
Reduced Fat Sausages (Cumberland/Lincolnshire) 1 syn each Grilled
Shredded Wheat
B Choice- Milk -A Choice

All Bran
B Choice- Milk

28g Ready Oats  B Choice – Milk- A Choice

Scrambled Egg on Toast
Toast- b Choice

Dippy Eggs & Soldiers
Bread- B Choice


Spaghetti on Toast
Toast- B Choice

Alpen Bars
2 syns each



Jacket Potato- Chilli
Chilli Asda- Tinned- 1.5 syns

Tuna – Pasta- Mayo
Mayo- Asda Extra Light- 1/2 Syns per tbls

Ham Sandwich, Crisps, Lettuce- Mayo
Bread- B Choice- Crisps- Asda ready salted  – Mayo 0.5 syn

Asda Smart Price 0.5 syns

Pasta Tomatoes, Cheese, Beans
Cheese- A Choice

Bachelors Pasta & Sauce

Slimming World Chips, Eggs & Spaghetti

BLT & Home Made Coleslaw
Mayo- 1 syn Bread B -Choice

Curry & Egg rice
Asda Tinned Curry – 0.5 vegetable
Rice- with 1 scrambled egg in


Spaghetti Bolognese
Pasta Sauce-  Parmesan Cheese

Steak, Chips, Mushrooms & Onions
100g Oven Chips 3.5 syns

Seafood Stir Fry

Chilli & Rice
Chilli- Asda Tinned – 1.5

Jacket Potatoes

Shepards Pie
Cheese- A Choice


Sausage Casserole
Reduced Fat Sausages  Grilled(Cumberland/Lincolnshire) 1 syn each 

Chinese Takeaway-
Chicken Chow Mein – 7 Syns
Rice- 0 Syns
Curry Sauce-

Burger Chips Spaghetti
Low fat quarter Pounder. 0.5 each (Grilled)
Chips 100g Oven – 3.5

Pasta Tomatoes, Cheese, Beans
Cheese- A Choice

Mash, Meat, Veg Roast

Sausage Egg & Chips

Snack, Desserts & Other


Diet Coke


Fruit Cocktail

Low Fat Yogurt

Crab Sticks



Ham & Pease Pudding Rolls

Strawberries & Yogurt

Yogurt, 1 crumbled digestive biscuit 

Yogurt & banana

Drinking Chocolate
Options – 2 syns

5 sys

Curly Wurly
6 syns
Search online for Recipe’s, Tips & inspiration
Join your local Slimming World Club Find it here 
Find Your BMI HERE
There are alot of speed foods and super speed food, choose them regulary and you’ll BOOST your weight loss.
S=Indicates a speed food thats good value weighwise for slimmers.
SS=Shows a super speed food that is extra low in calories compared to similar foods and all SS foods are free foods so fill your plate
Some Examples:
baked beans-SS
mushy peas-SS
butter beans-S
quorn pieces-SS
quorn mince-SS
Beans sprouts-S
brussel sprouts-S
most vegetables are either S or SS
most fruits are either S or SS
***PLEASE NOTE: All the information here is given to the best of my knowledge! Please check it out if you are unsure. The Syn Values can change from time to time & these above were correct at the time I created my plan. 
Much Love xx

6 thoughts on “Want to lose weight? Want to eat unlimited amounts of pasta, potatoes,meat etc? Try Slimming World for free with my plan.

    1. Ohh good luck! Enjoy feeling full & healthy without going hungry and be sure to come back next week and let me know how you got on in your fabulous first week 🙂 Thanks for reading xx

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