Looking Good

How to Look and feel your best at all times! Getting more time from your day.

After spending some time with my lovely family and friends this weekend, we found ourselves discussing our lifestyles, mainly about how we want to feel and how we want to look, but there was one reason/excuse that the conversation often reverted back to.. ‘I just dont have the time!’ …but I think I may be able to help steer the ladies towards solving the problem of not having enough hours in the day!

So, I have put together these simple steps that will make you not only make you feel better & look better, they will keep stress levels low each day and will even save you time!!

I have divided the simple steps into 2 sections, 10 Minute Morning Makeover & The Night Before.

Each section require a tiny bit of organisation, leaving you looking & feeling fantastic and your productivity levels at their best.

10 Morning Makeover.

Cleanse & Moisturise

ŸCheeks: A hint of colour in your cheeks gives your face a healthy glow in the morning. Smile in the mirror and apply your blush to the apple of your cheek, sweeping it back towards the cartilage in you ear. *Applied to low blusher will make your face look wider.

Eyes : Our Eyes are the first thing people notice about us, and this is certainly true first thing in the morning! Once you have washed & moisturised a light coating of moisturiser to the upper lashes will open the eye and you will look more awake.Ÿ

Lips: In the morning, using a slightly damp toothbrush, very lightly scrub your lips to remove any dry flakes. This will also stimulate circulation giving you rosy, warm looking lips. Add a little Vaseline to moisturise your lips.Ÿ

Scent: To finish off, use body spray or a little perfume. Something light & fresh, you don’t want to overpower anyone!Ÿ

Skin: Touch up any areas of concern with foundation that bests suits your skin tone. If your in a particular rush, you could try mixing 

Hair: If you don’t have time to do your hair, just straighten/ style the front around your face, you can stick the rest up into a ponytail or a messy bun!   Alternatively check out my post related to simple everyday hairstyles!

The Night Before.

Ÿ Exfoliate and shave so you only need a shower.

Ÿ Make sure your bag is filled and ready so you are not hunting around for your purse and diary last minute.

Ÿ If you are using public transport don’t forget you will need change.

Ÿ Always put your keys back in the same place. Create a place near the front door (Which cannot be seen or reached through the letterbox).

Ÿ Charge your mobile phone overnight

Ÿ Lay your clothes out the night before.

Ÿ Make sure the kids have laid out their school uniforms

Ÿ If you aspire to drinking hot water and lemon in the morning but never get around to it, put a thermos the night before or prepare your favourite beverage the night before so you only need to add boiling water.

If you are going somewhere new make sure you plan your route the day before.

Much Love xx

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