Want to lose weight? Want to eat unlimited amounts of pasta, potatoes,meat etc? Try Slimming World for free with my plan.

Want to lose weight? Want to eat unlimited amounts of pasta, potatoes,meat etc? Try Slimming World for free with my plan.

I have been yo-yo dieting for years, and struggle with my love of food! but theres one diet that stands out for me, a diet that I lost 2 stone on at one point, if you stick to it it WILL work for you!

It is soo popular and the fact that its a household name proves that! there are so many lives changed by adapting thier lifestyles to the Slimming World plan its unbelievable!…

..The reason its so hard to believe? You can eat unlimited Pasta, Meat, Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruit…YES Unlimited!!

I am more determined now than ever to get back to a healthy lifestyle and shift the excess baggage! so I have put together my very own Custom Slimming World Plan with meal suggestions and I thought I’d share it with you to give you a better idea of what you can eat and how simple it can be to make better lifestyle choices for yourself.


I will be doing the Extra Easy plan:

 You can eat as much Free food as you like! Free foods include potatoes, pasta,fish, meat,eggs & most vegetables and fruit – no weighing, no measuring, no counting, no kidding!

You get 15 Syns Per Day. ( Food that’s not Free food has a syn value) 

2 Healthy Extras per day 1 A Choice & 1 B Choice.

1 a Choice = 28g cheese or 350ml Skimmed Milk. 

1 B Choice = 2 Slices Nible/ Wholemeal Bread Or 42g Bran Falkes / 28g  Shredded Wheat or 2 Weetabix.
**Syns, Syn Values, Free Foods, Healthy Extras & other food information can be found with ease Online, at Slimming World or through various blogs searches on the internet! There are many many options & everything has a syn value! No food is banned! Enjoy your favourite treats every day and still lose weight.
*Invest in some Fry Light, you can use as much as you want, it frys food without fat*
Breakfast: Bran Flakes (B Choice)  with Milk (A Choice)
Lunch: Sandwich : Brown Bread (B Choice)  Ham with Fruit ,Muller Light Yogurt  (Free Food)
Dinner: Grilled Slimming World burger (1/2 Syn from Butchers) 100g Frozen Chips (3 1/2 Syns) Tinned Spaghetti (Free Food)
Supper: Options Hot Choc (2 Syns)
Breakfast: Egg on Toast (B Choice) . Scrambled/ Fried with Fry Light or poached
Lunch: Asda Beef Madras Tinned Curry (2.5 syns)   & Rice
Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese.  Mince, Pasatta, Mushrooms, Tomatoes & Onions.
Supper:  Options Hot Choc (2 Syns)
Breakfast: Bacon Sandwich (B Choice)
Lunch: Pasta, Tomatoes, Cheese (small portion A Choice) & Beans
Dinner: Steak, Mushrooms, Onions (Fried in fry Light) and Frozen Chips (100g 3 1/2 syns)
Breakfast: Fruit & Muller Light Yogurt
Lunch: Jacket Potatoes, Chilli Con Carne (Asda Smartprice 1 1/2 Syns)
Dinner: Pasta, Tuna, Extra  Light Mayo (1/2 syns for a level tbsp)  Sweetcorn?
Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Beans, Mushrooms
Lunch: Stir Fry. Egg Noodles, Seafood, Stir fry Vegetables, Soy Sauce. (Fry Light)
Dinner: Chilli Con Carne (Asda Smartprice 1 1/2 Syns) & Rice
Breakfast: Bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, musrooms
Lunch: Sandwich, (Bread B Choice) Crisps (French fries 4 1/2 Syns), Lettuce, Extra Light Mayo (1/2 syns for a level tbsp)
Dinner:  Chinese Takeaway , Chicken Chow Mein (7 Syns) Boiled Rice- 0 Syns
Breakfast: Sausages (Slimming world from special Butchers 3 @ 1/2 syn) , Bacon, Eggs, Tomatoes, Mushrooms
(Or Reduced Fat Sausages (Cumberland/Lincolnshire) 1 syn each Grilled)
Lunch: Batchelors Pasta & Sauce (Free Food)
Dinner: (Sunday Roast) Meat, Veg, Mash, 1 Yorkshire Pudding (3 Syns)
Other Ideas, Menus etc

Bacon Sandwich 
Bread- B choice

Bran Flakes
Milk- A Choice

Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms, Beans/Spaghetti, Sausages
Bread-B Choice
Reduced Fat Sausages (Cumberland/Lincolnshire) 1 syn each Grilled
Shredded Wheat
B Choice- Milk -A Choice

All Bran
B Choice- Milk

28g Ready Oats  B Choice – Milk- A Choice

Scrambled Egg on Toast
Toast- b Choice

Dippy Eggs & Soldiers
Bread- B Choice


Spaghetti on Toast
Toast- B Choice

Alpen Bars
2 syns each



Jacket Potato- Chilli
Chilli Asda- Tinned- 1.5 syns

Tuna – Pasta- Mayo
Mayo- Asda Extra Light- 1/2 Syns per tbls

Ham Sandwich, Crisps, Lettuce- Mayo
Bread- B Choice- Crisps- Asda ready salted  – Mayo 0.5 syn

Asda Smart Price 0.5 syns

Pasta Tomatoes, Cheese, Beans
Cheese- A Choice

Bachelors Pasta & Sauce

Slimming World Chips, Eggs & Spaghetti

BLT & Home Made Coleslaw
Mayo- 1 syn Bread B -Choice

Curry & Egg rice
Asda Tinned Curry – 0.5 vegetable
Rice- with 1 scrambled egg in


Spaghetti Bolognese
Pasta Sauce-  Parmesan Cheese

Steak, Chips, Mushrooms & Onions
100g Oven Chips 3.5 syns

Seafood Stir Fry

Chilli & Rice
Chilli- Asda Tinned – 1.5

Jacket Potatoes

Shepards Pie
Cheese- A Choice


Sausage Casserole
Reduced Fat Sausages  Grilled(Cumberland/Lincolnshire) 1 syn each 

Chinese Takeaway-
Chicken Chow Mein – 7 Syns
Rice- 0 Syns
Curry Sauce-

Burger Chips Spaghetti
Low fat quarter Pounder. 0.5 each (Grilled)
Chips 100g Oven – 3.5

Pasta Tomatoes, Cheese, Beans
Cheese- A Choice

Mash, Meat, Veg Roast

Sausage Egg & Chips

Snack, Desserts & Other


Diet Coke


Fruit Cocktail

Low Fat Yogurt

Crab Sticks



Ham & Pease Pudding Rolls

Strawberries & Yogurt

Yogurt, 1 crumbled digestive biscuit 

Yogurt & banana

Drinking Chocolate
Options – 2 syns

5 sys

Curly Wurly
6 syns
Search online for Recipe’s, Tips & inspiration
Join your local Slimming World Club Find it here 
Find Your BMI HERE
There are alot of speed foods and super speed food, choose them regulary and you’ll BOOST your weight loss.
S=Indicates a speed food thats good value weighwise for slimmers.
SS=Shows a super speed food that is extra low in calories compared to similar foods and all SS foods are free foods so fill your plate
Some Examples:
baked beans-SS
mushy peas-SS
butter beans-S
quorn pieces-SS
quorn mince-SS
Beans sprouts-S
brussel sprouts-S
most vegetables are either S or SS
most fruits are either S or SS
***PLEASE NOTE: All the information here is given to the best of my knowledge! Please check it out if you are unsure. The Syn Values can change from time to time & these above were correct at the time I created my plan. 
Much Love xx
Simple, Cheap and Free,Romantic Valentines Day Ideas to Woo Your Loved One…

Simple, Cheap and Free,Romantic Valentines Day Ideas to Woo Your Loved One…

With everyone tightening there belts at the moment , it means that we can’t splash out on expensive items & goodies for our other halves as much as we would like. But that doesn’t mean it cant be just as special! in fact, most people would prefer a handmade, straight from the heart gesture more than a bunch of expensive roses or a pair of cuff links!

Here are a few Ideas for a thrifty Valentines Day to make your partners heart melt!

Start With Breakfast:

Toasted Eggy Love

  1. Use a heart shaped pastry cutter or a knife to cut out a shape in the middle of a slice of bread.
  2.  Toast the heart shaped bit from the middle.
  3. Heat a bit of butter in a frying pan, on medium heat
  4. When it’s melted and hot put the slice of bread with the hole into the pan and let it cook until it goes a little brown.
  5. Flip it over and break an egg into the hole in the middle. 
  6. Cook for about 3-4 minutes then scoop it out carefully with a spatula and serve it with the toasted shape on the side to use instead of a traditional ‘soldier’.

Or Why not just cut ‘Love’ shapes out of toast, you could even spell out your lovers name.
You could also cut out heart  shapes of sweet waffles, and add syrup, cream or strawberries.

Serve with a Mug/ Pot of Tea and maybe a hand-picked single flower for effect.

Create Love Coupons

A love coupon book makes a great Valentine’s day gift for your partner.
Romantic coupons can be as elaborate as you wish. Combine loving, playful and naughty coupons for your love coupon book. You can use your computer or you can create a handwritten book the choice is all yours!
All you need to do next is decide what to include in your love coupon book.
A full body massage, breakfast in bed and a movie date of their choice are all a good start.
You could also include coupons for passionate kisses, sexual fantasies or even a weekend away.
Be sure to personalize the love coupons for your partner.
Have an Old-Fashioned Date

Re-discover your inner teenager and go on a proper, retro-style date!
Simple pleasures, like heading to the local beauty spot for a walk, a stroll along the beach, Or how about a trip to a gallery or museum, or  perhaps leisurely stroll around the local market are all great ideas to spend some quality time together, anywhere that you can do something fun together will make a great date remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

Create a Smile Box

Smile Box is a FANTASTIC way to put all your memories & pictures of you and your Partner together and make a loving ,heartfelt gift.

With Smilebox you can upload any photos quickly and easily create slideshowsinvitationsgreetingscollagesscrapbooksand photo albums right on your computer. With more than 1000 customizable templates to choose from, you’ll find inspiration around every corner.

Smilebox is free and there are plenty ways to share: Facebook, email, blog, printing at home or to a store, and burning to DVD. Smilebox makes a fantastic free & thoughtful gift that is easy, unique and memorable.

You could create your own love story using your photos from the fist day you met until today, or you can send special messages or create funny & cute collages & greetings.

Cook a Romantic Meal

It’s a little cliched but sharing a romantic meal on Valentine’s Day is a great way to enjoy each other’s company and a natural choice if you’re struggling to find a babysitter.
Whether you prepare it as a surprise or approach it as a joint effort with plenty of planning in advance, it’s an evening you can both look forward to, with great food, great company and lots of time to simply chat and be together.

Add some Rose petals to the table or some candles for added effect.

Spa Night In

When your other half gets home, run a hot bath filled with rose petals. (you can pick these yourself or they are available from your florist for cheap or artificial ones from pleaces like Co-op & Asda)
Have a glass of wine and some chocolates ready to nibble on by the side of the bath.
After a relaxing soak, get out the exfoliaters, moisturisers, body creams, face masks, and foot rub cream and treat your Lover or give each other the attention you both deserve.

A Sexy Night In




Whipped Cream

Sexy Lingerie

Need I Say More?

The most important thing to do on Valentines day is Talk, talk, talk!
Sometimes the most sincere and memorable activity is to sit, talk and enjoy each other’s company.
Perhaps put some music on, light a candle and have a flick through some old photograph albums from your wedding, special holidays or pre-baby days.

How to Look and feel your best at all times! Getting more time from your day.

How to Look and feel your best at all times! Getting more time from your day.

After spending some time with my lovely family and friends this weekend, we found ourselves discussing our lifestyles, mainly about how we want to feel and how we want to look, but there was one reason/excuse that the conversation often reverted back to.. ‘I just dont have the time!’ …but I think I may be able to help steer the ladies towards solving the problem of not having enough hours in the day!

So, I have put together these simple steps that will make you not only make you feel better & look better, they will keep stress levels low each day and will even save you time!!

I have divided the simple steps into 2 sections, 10 Minute Morning Makeover & The Night Before.

Each section require a tiny bit of organisation, leaving you looking & feeling fantastic and your productivity levels at their best.

10 Morning Makeover.

Cleanse & Moisturise

ŸCheeks: A hint of colour in your cheeks gives your face a healthy glow in the morning. Smile in the mirror and apply your blush to the apple of your cheek, sweeping it back towards the cartilage in you ear. *Applied to low blusher will make your face look wider.

Eyes : Our Eyes are the first thing people notice about us, and this is certainly true first thing in the morning! Once you have washed & moisturised a light coating of moisturiser to the upper lashes will open the eye and you will look more awake.Ÿ

Lips: In the morning, using a slightly damp toothbrush, very lightly scrub your lips to remove any dry flakes. This will also stimulate circulation giving you rosy, warm looking lips. Add a little Vaseline to moisturise your lips.Ÿ

Scent: To finish off, use body spray or a little perfume. Something light & fresh, you don’t want to overpower anyone!Ÿ

Skin: Touch up any areas of concern with foundation that bests suits your skin tone. If your in a particular rush, you could try mixing 

Hair: If you don’t have time to do your hair, just straighten/ style the front around your face, you can stick the rest up into a ponytail or a messy bun!   Alternatively check out my post related to simple everyday hairstyles!

The Night Before.

Ÿ Exfoliate and shave so you only need a shower.

Ÿ Make sure your bag is filled and ready so you are not hunting around for your purse and diary last minute.

Ÿ If you are using public transport don’t forget you will need change.

Ÿ Always put your keys back in the same place. Create a place near the front door (Which cannot be seen or reached through the letterbox).

Ÿ Charge your mobile phone overnight

Ÿ Lay your clothes out the night before.

Ÿ Make sure the kids have laid out their school uniforms

Ÿ If you aspire to drinking hot water and lemon in the morning but never get around to it, put a thermos the night before or prepare your favourite beverage the night before so you only need to add boiling water.

If you are going somewhere new make sure you plan your route the day before.

Much Love xx

Time to relax. Simple ways to meditate anytime of the day.

Time to relax. Simple ways to meditate anytime of the day.

Following my recent blog post Getting more time from your day I decided a fantastic follow-up post would be based on how to relax, now these methods can take as much or as little time as you have spare!

I’ve been meditating when I feel the need,  for the past 2 years because I enjoy it and it really gives my body & mind the time it needs to relax and enable me to cope with life’s ups and downs. I have tried many methods and through research I have found there are many benefits of Medication

Such as:

  1. Improved concentration – A clear mind makes you more productive.
  2. Less bothered by little things – Do you sometimes allow yourself to get upset by little things? It is the nature of the mind to magnify small things into serious problems. Meditation helps us detach. We learn to live in the here and now, rather than worrying about the past or future. We do not worry about meaningless things, but see the bigger picture.
  3. Better Health – There have been numerous studies pointing to the health benefits of meditation. The reason is that meditation reduces stress levels and alleviates anxiety. If we can reduce stress, many health benefits follow.
  4. Knowledge of Self – Meditation enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self. Through meditation we can gain a better understanding of our life’s purpose.

Lets start with a short  poem, this is my personal favourite: A meditative poem is any poem which helps to bring you closer to yourself, to silence, to self-awareness.

Please help me to love

And forgive myself.

Help me to forget everyone

 who has hurt me and let them

go into peace.

Ask for forgiveness

from everyone that I have hurt

consciously and unconsciously.

Help me to accept myself as I am.

I am part of your world.

I feel your light within me.

I am Free.

 Try out these simple ways to meditate any time of the day.

Light A Candle

Focus on the candle flame and notice all the colours and the way it moves. This will help you empty your mind. Thoughts will intrude, just let them float away. Keep the flame. Start with a few minutes and build it up. You don’t have to do it every night, but some people find the more they do it the more easier it gets.

 A Long Bath.

How often do you have those ‘Eureka’ moments? A long bath with no radio or telephone allows the brain to unwind as well as the body.

Giving Freedom to the mind allows it to be creative.

Hypnosis Cd’s or Itunes App

I listen to different types of hypnosis/ meditation apps on my iphone, these are also available as mp3, CD’s or there are some available on the net for free if you look around.

These are my personal fave apps I have downloaded and use regularly

Custom Hypnosis – You can customise this to play different music, session lengths and type of hypnosis, such as restful sleep, improve mood, stop Smoking or lose weight etc. there is a ‘lite’ version also available for free.

Relax Completely  A fantastic hypnosis session for deep relaxation by one of the UKs leading hypnotherapists and trainers. Includes beautiful animated backgrounds, video interviews, relaxation tips and web links.

Try going without newspapers or television for a week. They fill our brains with relentless diet of trauma and chaos. (don’t fret, if world war 3 breaks loose I’m sure someone will tell you!).

Listen to music & Read Books. Observe how calm and free thinking you become after a few days.

Much Love xx

How to help maintain EXTRA thick hair.

How to help maintain EXTRA thick hair.

Following my recent post Simple Everyday Hairstyles That Anyone Can Achieve I received a message of a lovely lady asking if I have any maintenance tips for her naturally EXTRA thick hair.

So here are a few tips & pointers to make thick hair more manageable and most importantly making you feel confident every day 🙂

  • First of all, thick hair works either really short, where the cut keeps it under control, or long enough that the weight of your hair holds it down. Mid lengths tend to result in sticking out hair.

  • Layers or thinning works well to relieve some of the bulk, but the shorter layers or pieces should not be too short, or they can provide added volume instead which is not what you need.
  • When thinking of a style change with colour bear in mind that permanent colours and bleaches leave the hair slightly swollen and therefore thicker. It maybe better for you to use semi-permanent colours that don’t have the same effect.
  • Curl or wave again adds bulk or thickness so go for styles that are worn straight if your natural hair texture allows


  1. Make sure your hair is always trim to avoid it getting too frizzy
  2. Use a shampoo that is specially designed to keep thick hair looking SLEEK
  3. Try: Pantene Pro-V Normal-Thick Hair Smooth & Sleek Shampoo Fights roughness and controls frizz Leaves your hair beautifully silky smooth Helps lock out humidity and leave your hair manageable (£2.30 in Asda click here)
  4. When in the shower, flip your hair over and comb your scalp to push out the grease and sweat that thick hair easily accumulates
  5. Use a hair dryer as much as you can to help you keep control of your locks! When using the hair dryer, ALWAYS  use your fingers as a comb, not a brush (unless its like 95% dry)
  6. If your thick hair is overwhelming your face, just straighten the hair that frames your face, and create a messy bun or ponytail with the back!
  7. Usually, if you have a fringe, it will get  puffy and overwhelm your face shape, make sure you thin it out regularly (with thinning scissors!)


  1. Cut off all your hair out of frustration
  2. Cry

Hope this helps!

If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know and I wll help as much as I can 🙂

Much Love xx