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Night out in Newcastle, Where to go?

Iv’e lived here for 4 years now, and LOVE a good night out here, its probably the best place in the country 😛  us northerners are known for being so friendly and of course for not wearing coats, well we don’t want to hide our new frocks do we?  Thousands of people visit the ‘toon’ for the wicked night life to celebrate hen/stag nights, birthdays & any other occasion they can find an excuse!!

So where is there to go?

I’l start with my personal favourites and how I like to enjoy a night out! obviously it starts at home  with a good old pampering session, picking out the clothes & the most important thing THE SHOES! and a few ‘pre-toon’ drinks.

Me & my friends would usually head to The Gate for the first drinks.  The Gate is an indoor centre, it  includes an assortment of bars, cafes and restaurants. (as well as a 12 screen cinema)  The bars include Tiger Tiger, Mood, Indigo, Bar Bannatyne, Opera, The Keel Row (Lloyds), Sam Jack’s, Players and Beyond Bar. there is a variety of people here depending on the bar so there is something for everyone, the drinks are reasonable prices especially in Lloyds, Keel Row where you can get a good head start with drinks such as 2 jugs of cocktails for £10 and 4 Jagerbombs for just £5!  Bannatynes is one of the nicer more expensive bars its a little quieter if you prefer to sit down and talk and Opera next door often has live music. Mood has recently re-opened and every time I have walked in it has been a little empty and dull.  Indigo has two floors and it has a dark smokey atmosphere with UV lights everywhere and only beautiful bar staff! the music is funky house, club classics, house, dance & rnb and has live DJ’s every night, including mad mambo on the bongos ( a must hear!) Sam Jacks is probably more suited for the stags, with the bucking bronko and the dentists chair watch it here. Players is a sports bar, has two floors and live male & Female dancers.

After The Gate some would head down to the Bigg Market , The Bigg Market A no-holds-barred area where you won’t find much in the way of culture, but you will find a lot in the way of drink. A selection of bars mainly playing hardcore, scouse house music and the majority of the people being chavs & high as kites. Be prepared to wear your drink as there’s no stopping their dancing shoes!

However, I would then head down towards Newcastles Diamond Strip which is 100 meters of trendier bars including Revolution, Madame Koos, Baby Lynch, Floritas, Perdu, Ohso, Attic, Bijoux & the Lodge. The kind of people who go here are usually  20-35yr olds, young, cool, mature people. The area attracts these kinds of people by selling a range of drinks including cocktails, bottles, and long drinks. You will not find any girls here drinking pints with a straw! The decor in these places are ultra contemporary and there are also comfortable places to sit and talk while you get in the mood for a dance.

I usually start at Revolution and try out a new flavour of Vodkas  its a vodka bar. it has some amazing flavours! I also visit Ohso regularly which is a nice bar with a good atmosphere and Perdu which gets packed with a variety of people but its a great place to be and everyone is friendly. The queue’s for the bar in these places can be a bit of a wait depending on the night.  My ultra favourites and the highlight of my night are Floritas and Madame koos these are all part of  The Apartent Group and are linked via the VIP sections. Floritas has live music and the decor in here is Fab! there is so much to take in when you go in here, the atmosphere is great and there is also booths if you prefer to sit down. they have a ranch of cocktails including a pineapple punch that is served in the actual pineapple. Madame Koos is a downstairs bar,it has comfortable seated areas aswell as a dance floor where you can move your feet to Koo’s fusion beat of all the classic soul, disco, RnB, indie, rock and pop. Also at the centre of the strip there’s a nightclub called Tup Tup Palace I have only been here a hanful of times but apparently its ‘where clubbers enter a bohemian world of escapism, luxury and eastern finery. Boasting indoor waterfalls, an elliptical recessed champagne snug, privately serviced tables and a selection of the worlds finest drinks brands…Tup Tup prides its-self on providing quality service to a soundtrack of quality music’

By this time I have usually taken off my shoes and I am swinging them around whilst singing out loud waiting for a taxi (which are all meter operated by the way)  to take me home for a glass of water and to fall into my bed fully clothed.  So if you do regularly visit Newcastle or are planning a visit, be sure to get back to me and let me know your views and reviews!

Much Love xx

Tup Tup Palace
Tup Tup
Madame Koos
Madame Koos

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